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[Horde][Al'Akir] <Casual Jerks> Recruiting for Ulduar

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What we need:

As we work on Ulduar we are making an effort to flesh out our roster, both to replace some attrition and to add some flexibility to our raid composition. To this end we have spots available for the following:

Current Requirements:


1 x Holy/Disc Priest : You love to heal, you live for it. You can take your place in a cooldown rotation and execute while keeping your targets alive and not standing in fire.

Low Prio:

1 x Mage

About us:

CasualJerks was born in June 2008 from the European Benefactor community of the guild website Those of you reading this who know the website will already have a good idea of the kind of people who make up the raid core at CJ. The goals of the guild are simple:

• To create a raid group made up of mature individuals who know their class and can perform to a high standard without being hand held through encounters.

• To clear all available content pre-nerf while maintaining a raiding schedule that doesn’t solely cater to unemployed students.

• To enjoy the game, both for its raid progression challenges and its social aspects.

The average age of the guild is early to mid 20’s with a significant percentage of raiders working full time jobs and keeping time for partners and kids. In guild we have everything from students to evil bankers and everything in between. As a result of the guild demographics we have no interest in wasting our raiders’ time and emphasise quality over quantity. Raids are run in a professional manner and while we don’t raid as many hours as a lot of guilds we do try to get as much out of every hour as we can. As part of our raid group you will not have to carry any underperformers.

We raid up to 4 nights a week for 4 hours per night from 8pm-Midnight CET on the Al’Akir server. Al’Akir is one of the most progressed servers and has a very healthy economy and lively community. Our loot system is a Loot Council where the majority of gear is decided by a /roll. Common sense always prevails. When in progression mode we raid Sun/Mon/Tues/Thurs, you will never be expected to show up Fri/Sat. As content is cleared we wind down from 4 to 3 to 2 nights. The ideal applicant will be able to make the majority of raids on a consistent basis.

About you

With that being said, what are we looking for? We are looking for excellent players who want to maximise their characters potential and who enjoy working as a team to a common goal. You should be knowledgeable about your class, keep up on changes in the game and be analytical in your approach to all aspects of you play. A lot of our raiders are ex Guild Masters/Raid Leaders/Officers which results in them taking on a lot of personal responsibility for their play and we expect the same of new recruits.

You will be willing to wipe 50-100 times and rather than getting upset or emotional you will contribute ideas and information to class leaders/raid leaders to aid in evolving strategies and rectifying mistakes. You should be the type of player that were you to die to Thaddius/Heigan/Lava Waves/Void zones you wouldn’t be able to sleep post raid due to the shame. You should be able to communicate coherently with as little “leet†speak as possible. Ideally you will have experience with dealing with difficult progression content. However, if you are a good player who has been held back by your guild then that’s ok too as long as you can demonstrate your abilities.

To apply please follow the application format below and PM to Diabhalta ( on the website or e-mail to We will take the time to review and reply to all applications so please make an effort to follow the format below and feel free to expand upon it where you think relevant. All applications will be kept confidential. Also, if you have any questions before formally applying feel free to contact me or any of the CJ officers.

Application Form

1. Character Name

2. Class

3. Race

4. Current Server

5. Link to your armory profile.

6. List your serious alts.

7. What are your playing hours? Do you have Vent and a Mic?

8. What is your guild history?

9. What is your character's endgame role?

10. Can you provide WWS/Stasis parses? Please attach a screenshot of your UI in a raid setting.

11. What is your prior endgame raiding experience?

12. Why do you want to leave your current guild?

13. Why do you want to join this guild?

14. Tell us a bit about yourself.

15. Please list any references who would be willing to vouch for you.

16. Please list some out-of-game contact information.

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At present time Al'Akir's Status is Locked, which to my knowledge means that transfer to the server wont be accepted. If im not correct disregard and trashcan this message.

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