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[Horde][Mannoroth] <Nightmares Asylum> Top 40 U.S. guild recruiting for Ulduar.

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About Us

Nightmare's Asylum is a results-driven raiding guild with a primary focus on camaraderie and trying to keep this game entertaining. We are currently located on Mannoroth, a PvP server in the Ruin battlegroup (the server is located in Dallas). Since 3.0.8, Mannoroth has been extremely stable -- there has been no detectable instance lag and there is very rarely a queue before 8:00 P.M. Mannoroth is an original launch server; it houses a diverse population and a fantastic (and easily exploitable) economy. Many people will remember our initial accomplishments and, particularly, Füra's videos. More recently, we were able to register top 25 (U.S.) kills on Sartharion, Kel'thuzad and Malygos. Our intent is to continue that trend once Ulduar is released. We plan to raid the PTR whenever we have the available manpower. As such, you should be willing and able to transfer your character to the PTR to raid with us. In addition to our raid progression, we are planning to re-invigorate the PvE video scene -- movies with multiple points of view, on-demand track lists and superior quality HD-streaming capabilities. Loot is distributed by the officers; the loot system is, in my opinion, the least biased and most beneficial system of distribution I have witnessed. The officers will take into account your attendance, performance, recent items received, and how large of an upgrade that particular item is compared to other people. The members are very nonchalant regarding loot, and players will often pass items they win to other players who really want that upgrade.

If you're looking for a mature, focused, and stable guild to showcase your talents in Ulduar and beyond, look no further than Nightmare's Asylum.

About You

More than anything else, you should be motivated to succeed. At times, progression content can be extremely demoralizing, particularly if the cause of your frustration is something that you personally cannot prevent; ideally, you should not be the cause of this frustration. You should know your class inside and out. Although we don't expect you to have all of your best-in-slot items at this point, your gear choices should demonstrate a general understanding of your classes' mechanics. You should be open to constructive criticism regarding your gear/gem/enchant choices. You must have a working microphone and you should use said microphone to let us know important shit. We are a very active, tight knit guild. There is always someone online to play with at any given time -- please do not log on solely to raid and then log off immediately. If you're good at your class and an active participant on the forums/in Vent, you will have an unparalleled amount of fun in this guild.

Class-specific Notes

Currently, we are looking to recruit the following classes, in particular, for a permanent raid spot:

Death Knight (DPS/Tank)

Druid (Feral, Restoration)

Priest (Holy)

Shaman (Elemental, Enhancement)

If your class is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact me directly or fill out an application on our website. We will give special consideration to particularly accomplished individuals. We aim to bring the best 25 players to every single one of our raids and if a veteran member is underperforming it is not unprecedented for an applicant to take their raid spot. As an applicant, your performance will be evaluated constantly with combat log parses and some of the more knowledgeable members of your class will (hopefully) be able to work with you to improve your DPS/healing/tanking.


Right now, we raid from 6:45 P.M. E.S.T. until 10:00 P.M. E.S.T. on Tuesdays. Our progression schedule will likely be five nights/week (we will not raid on Friday and Saturday) from 7:00 P.M. until our eyes start to bleed (12:00 A.M - 2:00 A.M.). You must be able to maintain almost impeccable attendance during your trial period.


Please visit our website at Nightmares Asylum - US-Mannoroth | Horde. Create an account and click Apply at the top of the page. The application is very concise and poignant; we expect that we can learn quite a lot about you from your Armory. If you have any questions regarding potential recruitment, please feel free to contact myself or any of the officers on Mannoroth. Online members will be happy to point you in the right direction. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and thank you for your interest in Nightmare's Asylum.

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