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The glyph is tremendous - using it in conjunction with another Holy priest means its uptime is so good - Other healers actually noticing the 40% increase.

I take healing prayers as POM and PoH are basically both buttons i push alot. Even with 3 'group' members at say 60% HP PoH hasted is worth the cast -

I am now running the following glyphs - GS,flash,Coh.

All 3 are strong. I also got the 10man 100 spirit trinket. Not the best trinket but less mana cost on flash lets me get 3 stacks pretty easy and cheap (serendipity). To the guy who said he isn't going oom - if not so you should be wearing more through put gear and start potting.

On Kolo i got innervate from the moonkin and was using haste pots for the extra through put to top the raid off pre shockwave. Found this works nicely (1 an attempt o c).

Overall, i feel priests will get a nerf. Targetable PoH is unbelievably good and I am hoping hard modes test mana (we're cheesing easy modes to see all the fights).

Update on fragments - we had 2 more drop - so 4 from the first 7 bosses - i guess luck is upon my guild.

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I'm not terribly impressed so far with Holy Concentration, especially with the way it interacts with SoL. On our first two nights in Ulduar, I'm finding that I'm not casting enough non-SoL FH/GH/BH to keep the proc up with any regularity. I realize that it's more valuable in a holy tank healing situation, which is what HC/IHC originally helped us with, but for raid healing it's been pretty lackluster for me. I'll keep it in my spec for much the same reason I keep inspiration; even with dual-specs I like the flexibility to switch to tank healing as holy, either in an emergency or to cover another healer, and be effective at it.

On an unrelated note, I'm reconsidering the value of the T8 4pc bonus for holy after playing with BaS. With all of the fun uses for PW:S sprint, I'm finding that I'm using PW:S on average at least once every 30 seconds on boss encounters. This is ~42 passive SP, but a little more powerful because of the planned burst effect. I think it's clearly better for disc for obvious reasons, but until we see more ilvl 239 loot that trumps T8, I think the bonus makes at least 4 pieces of the set pretty interesting for holy.

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