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For non-crafters:


[iTEM]Mask of the Watcher[/iTEM] - Occulus Heroic

[iTEM]Hood of the Furtive Assassin[/iTEM] - HoL

[iTEM]Shroud of Darkness[/iTEM] - Heroic VH

[iTEM]Headguard of Retaliation[/iTEM] - UP Quest


[iTEM]Titanium Impact Choker[/iTEM] - JC

[iTEM]Pendant of the Outcast Hero[/iTEM] - 25 Emblem of Heroism

[iTEM]Necklace of Arcane Spheres[/iTEM] - Heroic VH

[iTEM]Necklace of the Chrono-Lord[/iTEM] - CoT Strat

[iTEM]The Severed Noose of Westwind[/iTEM] - IC Quest


[iTEM]Trollwoven Spaulders[/iTEM] - LW


[iTEM]Ice Striker's Cloak[/iTEM] - LW

[iTEM]Cloak of the Gushing Wound[/iTEM] - Heroic VH

[iTEM]Embrace of Sorrow[/iTEM] - HoS


[iTEM]Heroes' Dreamwalker Raiments[/iTEM] - 80 Emblem of Heroism

[iTEM]Darkheart Chestguard[/iTEM] - Ebon Blade Exalted

[iTEM]Drake Rider's Tunic[/iTEM] - UP

[iTEM]Exotic Leather Tunic[/iTEM] - UP Quest


[iTEM]Dragonfriend Bracers[/iTEM] - Wyrmrest Accord Exalted

[iTEM]Drake-Champion's Bracers[/iTEM] - BoE

[iTEM]Advanced Tooled Leather Bands[/iTEM] - HoL Heroic

[iTEM]King's Square Bracers[/iTEM] - BoE

[iTEM]Bindings of the Tunneler[/iTEM] - Heroic UK

[iTEM]Shackles of Dark Whispers[/iTEM] - DTK Quest


[iTEM]Heroes' Dreamwalker Handgrips[/iTEM] - 60 Emblem of Heroism

[iTEM]Gilt-Edged Leather Gauntlets[/iTEM] - Heroic UP

[iTEM]Charged-Bolt Grips[/iTEM] - Heroic HoL

[iTEM]Bile-Cured Gloves[/iTEM] - Heroic CoT Strat

[iTEM]Sidestepping Handguards[/iTEM] - The Occulus

[iTEM]Seafoam Gauntlets[/iTEM] - LW


[iTEM]Jorach's Crocolisk Skin Belt[/iTEM] - 40 Emblem of Heroism

[iTEM]Sharp-Barbed Leather Belt[/iTEM] - Heroic UK

[iTEM]Trollwoven Girdle[/iTEM] - LW


[iTEM]Gored Hide Legguards[/iTEM] - Heroic Gun

[iTEM]Ravenous Leggings of the Furbolg[/iTEM] - Heroic UP

[iTEM]Chain Gang Legguards[/iTEM] - BoE

[iTEM]Azure Strappy Pants[/iTEM] - Frenzyheart Tribe Revered

[iTEM]Mind Expanding Leggings[/iTEM] - Kirin Tor Revered


[iTEM]Boots of the Neverending Path[/iTEM] - Argent Crusade Exalted

[iTEM]Boots of the Whirling Mist[/iTEM] - Heroic HoS

[iTEM]Slag Footguards[/iTEM] - Heroic HoL

[iTEM]Gorloc Muddy Footwraps[/iTEM] - Heroic Gun

[iTEM]The Darkspeaker's Treads[/iTEM] - Icecrown Quest

[iTEM]Rhino Hide Kneeboots[/iTEM] - Gundrak Quest

[iTEM]Jormscale Footpads[/iTEM] - LW


[iTEM]Titanium Impact Band[/iTEM] - JC

[iTEM]Mobius Band[/iTEM] - Heroic CoT Strat

[iTEM]Hemorrhaging Circle[/iTEM] - Heroic Gun

[iTEM]Signet of Edward the Odd[/iTEM] - BoE

[iTEM]Stained-Glass Shard Ring[/iTEM] - BoE

[iTEM]Ring of Scarlet Shadows[/iTEM] - JC


[iTEM]Darkmoon Card: Greatness[/iTEM] - Nobles Deck

[iTEM]Mirror of Truth[/iTEM] - 40 Emblem of Heroism

[iTEM]Sphere of Red Dragon's Blood[/iTEM] - Heroic Nexus

[iTEM]Meteorite Whetstone[/iTEM] - Heroic UP

[iTEM]Incisor Fragment[/iTEM] - Heroic DTK

[iTEM]Fezzik's Pocketwatch[/iTEM] - Icecrown Quest

[iTEM]Bloodlust Brooch[/iTEM] - 40 Badge of Justice

[iTEM]Mark of the War Prisoner[/iTEM] - VH

[iTEM]First Mate's Pocketwatch[/iTEM] - Howling Fjord Quest


[iTEM]Titansteel Destroyer[/iTEM] - BS

[iTEM]Staff of Trickery[/iTEM] - Heroic VH

[iTEM]Lightning Giant Staff[/iTEM] - Heroic HoL

[iTEM]Mojo Masked Crusher[/iTEM] - Heroic DTK

[iTEM]Saliva Corroded Pike[/iTEM] - Heroic VH

[iTEM]Argent Skeleton Crusher[/iTEM] - Argent Crusade Revered

[iTEM]Hammer of Grief[/iTEM] - Heroic HoS

[iTEM]Enraged Feral Staff[/iTEM] - Heroic UK

[iTEM]Stave of Shrouded Mysteries[/iTEM] - Kirin Tor Revered

[iTEM]Whale-Stick Harpoon[/iTEM] - The Kalu'ak Revered


[iTEM]Idol of Feral Shadows[/iTEM] - Arcatraz

[iTEM]Idol of the Ravenous Beast[/iTEM] - 15 Emblem of Heroism

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The Valor bracers are BoE, though, and thus buyable if you have a load of cash to blow. Technically that'd be pre-raid.

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The T7-10 chest and gloves are missing, even though they're purchasable for Emblems of Heroism. Apart from that, nice list!

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I'm not sure an idol that drops in an Outland 5-man really belongs on a Wrath pre-raid list. If we're including BC idols there are plenty others. Two decent Northrend quest reward idols are [iTEM]37573[/iTEM] and [iTEM]38295[/iTEM].

Beyond that and the other points noted above, very good list of options.

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Few things to keep as options as you build your set, or build through heroics.


[iTEM]44053[/iTEM] Kaluak Revered. Should hit revered based on questing alone (I did, though I did both starting areas) . First upgrade over [iTEM]34898[/iTEM] I encountered.


[iTEM]38614[/iTEM] Normal HoS

[iTEM]44188[/iTEM] Wyrmrest Honored.


[iTEM]38226[/iTEM] BT Quest (Rawr seems to like it)

[iTEM]39655[/iTEM] ZD Quest


[iTEM]37890[/iTEM] BoE from VH trash and fishing. Often very available on AH cheaply.

Will keep this brief. The Eviscerator gear is also a viable stopgap as one builds, especially the head [iTEM]43260[/iTEM]

Also note that [iTEM]44405[/iTEM] the quest can be stealth soloed by a cat druid, it's a very fun Thief-type sneak.

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I don't really see where this thread addresses a topic that is new or worthwhile, so I'm going to close it. If someone would like to argue that the topic is, in fact, worthwhile, feel free to send me a PM.

(edit) I was encouraged to look around the Druid forums and notice the multiple other threads about pre-raid gearing. Chalk it up to trying to moderate a forum I'm not intimately familiar with.

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I'm not sure an idol that drops in an Outland 5-man really belongs on a Wrath pre-raid list. If we're including BC idols there are plenty others. Two decent Northrend quest reward idols are [iTEM]37573[/iTEM] and [iTEM]38295[/iTEM].

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[iTEM]Idol of Feral Shadows[/iTEM] comes out as the second best Idol for dps on my rawr (albeit a long way behind the [iTEM]Idol of Worship[/iTEM] from Naxx), and as it drops off the first boss in Arcatraz, with some shadow resist gear you could probably solo it at level 80. You could definitely duo it, and as it drops on normal you could run it over and over until it drops.

Mine (2.1.9) shows [iTEM]32257[/iTEM] as the second. It also lists [iTEM]40713[/iTEM] as being worth 0 DPS, and doesn't even show [iTEM]38295[/iTEM]. 2.2.0b3 only lists worship, beast, and [iTEM]33509[/iTEM]. (Still good for fights like Thaddius where you're stuck in front most of the time and you don't have worship. Plainstalker is just a lesser version of this.)

Idols have always been situationally useful, which makes their worth subjective. Emmerald doesn't even have them in his gear lists. Regardless of Rawr's opinions on idols, I still think it would be less than recommended for a cat who did not already have that idol to go farming an Outland instance for it. There are much more productive things, and more important gear, to be working on. Sporting a low ilevel level 70 idol is going to put a pre-raid druid in the position of having to defend his choice, too. It could be easily defended, but if people are just glancing over gear lists, who knows if he'll get the chance?

I think level 70 items (idols, T6, badge weapons) could be listed as possible options for those that already have them, but there would be nothing wrong with [iTEM]38295[/iTEM], for example, if [iTEM]40713[/iTEM] somehow couldn't be afforded. 134.2 AP scaling with buffs is nothing to sneeze at, since it would improve all attacks. But if we're sticking with blues and purples then the only serious option is beast, especially since it's so easily obtainable.

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The Valor Badge wrists should be between 1500-2500g depending on the server, but 1500g should be the rgiht price. A bit of saving will get you some of the best bracers available pre-raiding. Ilvl 213 as well.

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Got my alt druid to 80 and am having a blast as feral currently. I'd love to be able to easily tank any of the 10 man stuff but am having fun with the interesting feral dps as well.

I've got most of the pre-raid stuff all set and now have 80 heroism tokens and about 25 valors. Since I raid on my mage I think my valor tokens will be slow going as I can only guarantee 6 a week in VoA/OS pugs. I'm in a pickle trying to decide what to buy since I can buy both dps and tanking stuff and I enjoy both.

As I've said I want to be able to easily tank any heroic/10 man and come in to OT 25's if we are short tanks for normal raiding.

Here is the gear I have for Cat:




[iTEM]Ice Striker's Cloak[/iTEM]

[iTEM]Darkheart Chestguard[/iTEM]

[iTEM]Wristwraps of the Cutthroat[/iTEM]

[iTEM]Gloves of Fast Reactions[/iTEM]

[iTEM]Trollwoven Girdle[/iTEM]

[iTEM]Chain Gang Legguards[/iTEM]

[iTEM]Boots of the Neverending Path[/iTEM]

[iTEM]Titanium Impact Band[/iTEM]

[iTEM]Signet of Bridenbrad[/iTEM]

[iTEM]Figurine - Emeral Boar[/iTEM]

[iTEM]Figurine - Shadowsong Panther[/iTEM] was suprised to see this still ranked 2nd in rawr despite the blue Quest items

[iTEM]Staff of Trickery[/iTEM]

[iTEM]Idol of Terror[/iTEM]

I swap in these for tanking

[iTEM]Titan-forged Leather Helm of Triumph[/iTEM]

[iTEM]Trollwoven Spaulders[/iTEM] tanking chant

[iTEM]Durable Nerubhide Cape[/iTEM]

[iTEM]Titan-forged Boots of Triumph[/iTEM]

[iTEM]Hateful Gladiator's Armwraps of Triumph[/iTEM] with 40 stam chant

[iTEM]Titanium Earthguard Ring[/iTEM]

[iTEM]Figurine - Monarch Crab[/iTEM]

[iTEM]Figurine - Ruby Hare[/iTEM]

Based on Rawr it seems I lucked out on my tanking trinkets. It rates both these with tanking gems above the emblem one. Not sure if once I have enough stam if that changes or whether it would be smart to get the emblem one for a more avoidance oriented set.

I was thinking about getting T7 chest as my first purchase and gemming agil then hit/exp so It works for both sets. I can get the ring from DTK so I don't need to spend my valor's on that. I would like to get T7 pants with emblems but 75 might take a long time on this toon. I will be working on Gorehide in the meantime. So I could get a dps ring. I'm definitely holding out a little bit on T7 gloves as I can probably snag those from OS fast enough so I can get a 2 piece going.

Meh just don't know where to go seeing as I like both tanking/dps but want to make sure I have a good tanking set since that gets more groups if I have to pug on my offtime. The idol would be huge for cat as well as the trinket. Any suggestions.

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