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[Horde][Cenarius] <Impulse> ready to rock Ulduar 4 nights/week! Achievements complete

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Impulse on Cenarius-Horde is looking to bolster our ranks for Ulduar and beyond! We have cleared all existing raid content and dungeon/raid achievements with numerous faction firsts to our name, and were the first guild on Cenarius to complete The Immortal and Heroic: Glory of the Raider. We look forward to rapidly mastering the fights in Ulduar and getting to work on the “hard mode†achievements associated with them.

Applicant Needs

We are accepting applications from all classes and specs whose players feel they would be a good fit with our guild. Our ideal applicant is very enthusiastic about raiding and maximizing their raid performance, and preferably has Lich King raiding experience that includes Sartharion + 2 Drakes or more. You should be open to criticism, quick on your feet, and eager to make the team’s success your top priority. We are especially interested in applications from the following:


-Shaman (Restoration)

About Impulse

Impulse has been around since late 2006, and some of its founding members have been raiding together since the days of UBRS. We pride ourselves on our quick mastery of content and achievements despite our fairly light raid schedule (4 days a week, a total of 15 weekly raid hours). We’re mature, easy-going working adults who enjoy raiding in a drama-free environment. We love to have fun but are serious about getting the job done when it comes to defeating whatever challenge in the game lies ahead. We use a zero-sum DKP system, and the guild bank provides for repairs on progression fights and enchanting materials for full-fledged raiders’ gear.

Our raiding schedule (all times PST):

Tue/Wed/Thu: 7pm - 10pm

Sun: 12pm - 6pm

There are plenty of optional guild 10-man achievement runs and 10- and 25-man alt runs organized on off-nights for those interested.

Application Process

You can post an application publicly on our guild forums or via a Private Message to one of our officers. If you have any questions, please log on to Cenarius and speak to one of us:

-Cerinne (general recruitment and healing)

-Kiore (physical DPS)

-Arcticlight (caster DPS)

-Gotallica (tanking)

-Cyndarx (healing)

Official guild site: Impulse

Our WoWProgress history: WoW Guild Impulse :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft Rankings and History

Thank you for your interest in Impulse and happy raiding!

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