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[A] Korgath-US <Dark Origin> 2 night, 6.5 hrs/wk (Wed/Sun) 10m LF 1 dps for core

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About us

<Dark Origin> of Korgath 10man raiding guild that has been together since WotLK release. We have a light raiding schedule but we like to get things done. Semi-casual with an eye for progression is probably a good way to describe us. We are a guild with members in their mid 20s+ who have lives, families, etc. but still like to raid and progress at a reasonable rate.

Korgath is a PvP-CST high pop server. It has a strong economy, and an active PvE and PvP culture. You can find pugs for pretty much anything. However, we don't have any queue times, even at peak hours (or even at MoP release).

Website: Dark Origin

Raid schedule

Wednesdays 8-10:30 PM CST

Sundays 6:30-10:30 PM CST

Loot system

A mix of DKP/suicide kings and free roll.


H ToT: 5/13

Current needs

We're looking for one dps for a *core* raiding spot. We do not keep a bench - if you're a raider, you raid every raid night. We keep alternates for when life gets in the way of raiding but we don't have a rotating roster where we switch people out depending on the fight.

We need a Warlock or Hunter immediately to fill out our raiding team.

About you

Looking for adults who are laid back yet progression minded. Qualified candidates need to have gear that is raiding-ready and be able to raid nearly every Wednesday and Sunday. Prior raiding experience is a plus.

How to apply

Check out our website! Dark Origin < Korgath >

If you have any questions feel free to contact Amateria (GM), Xavie (RL) or any of our players in game.

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