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[Horde][Exodar] <Solstice> 11/14 LFM Ulduar 8-12 M-TH (EST)

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Guild: <Solstice>

Server: Exodar (US)(PVE)(EST)

Website: Home : Solstice - Guild Launch Guild Hosting

Raiding schedule (EST)

Monday through Thursday: 8:00pm – 12:00am

Recruiting openings:

Hunter x1

Mage x2

Shadow Priest x1

Rogue x2

Elemental Shaman x1

Enhancement Shaman x1

Resto Shaman x1

Resto Druid x1

*If your class/role is not listed on our site and you feel you are an exceptional player please put in an application.


1.) Full knowledge of the class and spec you are applying as. We are not interested in educating people how to play.

2.) Gear consistent with top tiered content. Your gear is not only a reflection of your experience but also your knowledge and skill.

3.) Good attitude, cohesion is a must.

4.) A computer that allows you to perform well in a raid environment and a stable internet connection.

5.) Be mature and not easily offended.

If you are self-motivated and have a serious attitude about the game, and would like to raid to progress, have no problem with consumables, and are a reliable raider, we'd like to have you. Please put some effort into your application, having one-word answers to each question only shows how little interest you have for joining.

With that being said, if you believe we are what you're looking for, then feel free to visit our website for additional information. If you have further questions or would like to discuss our recruitment process, create a character on Exodar and get in touch with Vexas, Lealah, or Khorr.

Application Process

1. Apply

2. Ventrilo Interview

3. Transfer/Invite to guild as an Initiate

4. Trial period of 2 weeks

5. Promotion to raider

Loot System

Solstice uses an altered zero sum DKP system which has been reset to 0 for all members at the beginning of Ulduar. We take our DKP and split it into 3 separate pools. Weapon, Armor, and Jewelry. You can only spend weapon DKP on weapons and you only acquire armor DKP from armor drops. We've found that this helps cut down on hoarding DKP.

Apply here:

Guild Forums : Solstice - Guild Launch Guild Hosting

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Still looking for a few key classes to round out our roster and move forward on to hard modes.

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