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[Alliance][Runetotem] <Prophecy> looking for experienced scandinavian raiders

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<Prophecy> is a Scandinavian Alliance PvE raiding guild dedicated to endgame content. We formed November 10th 2007, mainly with members from some of the other fine PvE guilds on Runetotem.

We started out as a Danish only guild, but quickly realized that in order to progress more effective we needed to expand to Scandinavian recruitment, mainly Swedish and Norwegian.

Since the beginning we’ve had huge success instance-wise, partly because many of us knew each other from earlier guilds and partly because we were lucky to get players with a LOT of experience.

As of May 18th. 2009 <Prophecy> is looking for a couple of new members to expand and stabilize our current raidforce. Current instances are

Ulduar [13/14] - Yogg-Saron down, hard modes up next!

Our ONLY focus is Ulduar (Heroic and Hard Modes) but we run entry level instances if needed.

Raiding spots:

1x Shadow Priest

1x Moonkin

1x Hunter

1x Enhancement Shaman

1x Resto Druid

1x Resto Shaman

1x Holy / Disc Priest

Raid times:

Wednesday: 19.30 - 23.30

Thursday: 19.30 - 23.30

Sunday: 19.30 - 23.30

Monday: 19.30 - 23.30

On all off days we raid if we can.

What do WE expect from applicants?

- You’re level 80, age 18+ (age can be discussed) and understand Scandinavian (We speak danish / norwegian / swedish).

- You’re mature of behavior.

- You’re able to raid 3-4 days a week (we require 75% attendance = 3days).

- You’re able to connect to TeamSpeak (mic is no demand yet, but you have to listen).

- Your gear is good (Crafted, Badges, Naxx, Ulduar gear).

- You're able you to keep yourself fully buffed in raids.

- You're able to take criticism and advice from fellow guildies.

- You have a stable Internet connection

What can YOU expect from Prophecy?

- A friendly atmosphere.

- Own TeamSpeak Server.

- Focused Endgaming.

- Weekly 10man runs (both alt. and main runs)

- Loot System without DKP (Loot Council).

Any of this sound interesting? Go fill out an application form found HERE .

and mail it to

Would you like to know more? Please visit < Prophecy > • Index page

Although we're not recruiting other raiding classes at the moment we're always on the lookout for talented players. So don't hesitate to apply anyway. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me ingame for a chat :). Looking forward to hear from you!


Prophecy recruitment

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