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In honor of this historic AQ opening day.

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Before I begin the guildchat posts, I should address a question I've heard frequently the past several days. A number of people have been asking me what to expect once the gates open. Gurg posted a thread on the Mal'Ganis forums which detailed things fairly well, I felt. For those of you who avoid the realm forums like the plague, he essentially said that there would be bugs in every silithid infested zone (even the barrens). Obviously, this means that the entireity of Azeroth will try to pack into a single zone in a united effort to one-up the Eranikus event.

For those of you who missed the Eranikus encounter, I'll allow you the chance to experience this stunning moment vicariously from my perspective! Stare at the following screenshot and put a random soundfile on repeat for about 5 minutes. Pretend things moved a bit, then repeat. If you want the full WoW video experience, I suppose you could listen to "Bodies" or "Down With The Sickness" instead of the looped effect:

Eranikus Encounter Action Video! (jpg) only 1.53MB!

Okay, I kid. Surely people on the server will learn to spread to the other zones once they crash all of Kalimdor for the 3rd time and we'll eventually reach a more acceptable 6-8 FPS like that shown in the above"video". ;)

/end sarcasm

It should be a lot of fun. I think there should be more than enough bugs for everyone present, no matter where we happen to be.

On to the seasonal and situational quotes. Today's themes are obviously "AQ Opening" and "Valentine's Day Stuff".

Naturally, guildchat has been a buzz of discussion on how to down AQ content when we get to it.


What else were we supposed to do while waiting on the mail and tradelag, though?


Speaking of trade, while I appreciate the linked trade channels and AH's, my view on them remains relatively unchanged.


Upon finishing most of our stuff, we decided to help the Alliance side of the war effort. Mhedic's observation in the middle of this following conversation shows our sensitive side, I feel. We horde guilds understand the horrible plight that the Alliance face on this server. Ironforge is a difficult city to navigate and I, myself, have often been unable to find my way back outside after hitting level 60. Fortunately, we were quite willing to help our Alliance friends conquer this obstacle by issuing them official "ghetto passes" for travel through dangerous territory and by mailing them things. In this way, the Alliance only needed to send a few representatives out into the dangerous, dangerous world and we hope to have strengthened our factions' relations for the upcoming war on the bugs.

Cheers to the Alliance reps and all their hard work in the farming fields. (Sorry if idiots ganked you on the way into SM.)


Some of us went to Silithus to make sure the troops' morale was holding. Ruro checked the lines while Conando comforted some of the front line troops that are almost certain to die in the opening moments of the war.


Incidentally, Kamille wasn't speaking of Ruro in the above party chat. There was this alliance hunter who had the look of a bug lover about him and we just couldn't have that on the verge of the big war. While the "powers that be" held a conference on how best to handle the situation, a certain mage who shall remain nameless took more decicive action from afar.


But enough about war. That's depressing. It's time for a holiday! It's a holiday custom made for a man like...say...Zibro!


Alas, not everyone takes to it quite so eagerly as our favourite love-filled warlock. :(



In an event that surely pleased a large number of people I annoy, I got completely shut down by the first person I asked out. (That hot battleground chick by the Org bank...) The hateful wench...see if I ever ask frigid arse out again.


Brownbread was having more fun than he probably should have been. Tyrol made a quiet observation instead of stooping to the level of the incredibly obvious "Alliance stay in Ironforge" joke.


Gurgthock enjoyed the holiday for about five mintues. Then he got this song stuck in his head and, let's face it folks; it's just not a good tune to be leading troops to war on.


Happy lagday, everybody! I'll try my best to avoid shadowbolting anything on two legs that doesn't look like it's from Stargate. Cheers! :)

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You just taking a temp break Elfan? Think you will come back for/before the expansion?

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You just taking a temp break Elfan? Think you will come back for/before the expansion?

Indefinite. Has to do with real life as opposed to a lack of enjoyment with WoW, so the expansion won't really effect the whole if/when thing.

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Conando was always an angry guy. Like that time I beat him in a duel B)

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My account expired Feb 9th. I missed the opening of AQ :angry:.

I need to get it renewed <_<.

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