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Quick Details:

*We are a progressive weekend raiding guild.

*We are recruiting for success in Ulduar.

*Little raid time - only accepting exceptional players only.

*We are looking for players who can only raid weekends (sat-mon, sometimes fri) on their mains, or alts whose mains are in progressive raiding guilds who raid during the week and are bored on weekends.

*Website: Momentum - Azgalor - Home

*Visit website for more detailed information such as exact schedule and policies.

Who we are and what we're about:

Basically, weekend warriors. Lol. We are a new guild. Myself and the other GM are leading the guild with our alts. Our mains are in top-notch progressive raiding guilds who only raid during the week... NEVER on weekends.

We only play the game to raid. So on weekends, we have nothing to do. :( (weekends being sat-mon and sometimes friday) - So we've decided to create Momentum, which is a hardcore progressive weekend raiding guild.

We have opened up recruiting for success in Ulduar. We have already successfully cleared Ulduar 10 and 25 on our mains with numerous achievements. So we very much know whats going on in there, more than enough so to successfully lead raids to the end.

  • Don't take this post the wrong way. We really are not your average alt guild. This is a very serious very hard core progressive raiding guild that takes place only on weekends in a relaxed environment.

Yes, since we are a new guild, our numbers are small at the moment. Don't let that stop you. Every successful guild starts that way. All it takes to get going well are some dedicated players.

Who we are looking for:

Because we have so little time to raid, we need to be very efficient with the time we do have. Therefore, we are only accepting exceptional players only who are dedicated.

  • If your main is in a progressive raiding guild who only raids during the week and have nothing to do on weekends, this guild is for you. (your alt I guess)

  • If you are only able to raid on weekends with your main, this guild is also for you.

So basically, this guild might consist of more alts than mains. But my theory is that 90.4% of every fight is pure skill, and knowing wtf to do, how to do it, why to do it and when to do it. Don't get me wrong, we have no intention of recruiting players in greens/blues. You must be fairly well geared.

If you are not exceptionally well geared, then you must have exceptionally great skill and be able to prove it.

We would prefer more mains than alts to get more dedication out of it's members in the beginning, however, both are welcome as Main status in the guild. One main per player in guild. We are open to server transfers as well. If the other GM and myself can contribute 100% of our time to the guild friday through monday, so can you. That is what's expected of it's members. Please see the Guild Policies on our website listed below:

Additional Info:

  • Our website is:

  • Details on how to apply and classes/specs in need can be found there, along with much more information about the guild, guild policies, etc.

The website is very nice imo and because of this, will provide great aid in becoming a successful guild in what we do: killing bosses on weekends. The website is still in the construction process, but it's about 90% complete. However, it is up and running and fully accessible.

The application process is Important for us, and important for the Guilds members.

I know we are a new guild and you may not want to fill out the application, but we ask you please do to make it easier to help us filter out the scrubs before invited. Thanks!

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