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[Alliance][Dath'Remar] <Insurrection> LFM 11/12 Heroic ICC

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About Us:

Insurrection is a hardcore guild that raids on Sun/Mon/Wed/Thurs 7:30pm-12:00am Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST, GMT +10, Sydney Time) and is located on the Oceanic PvE server Dath'Remar.

Insurrection was created on the 10th of April and has cleared all of BC content, and all of Wrath's current content. We also got both Glory of the Ulduar Raider and Heroic: Glory of the Ulduar Raider. We've achieved Realm First Naxx, Realm First Maly, Realm First S3D, Realm First Ulduar Clear, Realm First Algalon 10/25, and Realm First Alone in the Darkness. We've completed A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity on ToGC10, Tribute to Mad Skill on ToGC25, were the first guild on the server to kill Anub25, LK25 and are currently recruiting for ICC Hard Modes.

We are a HARDCORE guild which enjoys the fact we can clear content quick and timely manner.

About You:

- Be 18 years of age or older

- You must demonstrate basic raiding fundamentals and class knowledge.

- You must demonstrate the ability to learn and grow as a player.

- You must have a reliable Internet connection. If you disconnect frequently (ie.more than once per 4 hours) please do not apply until you have resolved this.

- You must be comfortable using Ventrilo and speaking on Vent when required.

- Gear isn't too much of an issue, as long as you show understanding of your class and the skill to back it up.

- You must have situational awareness. You must be able to react to your environment.

- Insurrection uses a Loot Council system for distribution of loot to speed up progression, if loot is your only drive to play, please, do not apply.

Currently Recruiting:

Ranged DPS:

Open for all classes

Melee DPS:

Open for all classes


Open for all classes


Open for all classes

If you're interested, please register on our forums and follow our application template here: - View forum - Applications

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