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[Alliance][TBD] <Kinetic> Reroll/Restart Guild LFM

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<Kinetic>is a hardcore Alliance reroll//restart guild on a to be determined oceanic server. "Reroll//Restart" Guild meaning new members can start a fresh toon or transfer an existing one. This is to allow players ho have not yet found a guild for them or for horde players who want to see the Alliance part of the game.

The Vision

Kinetic was created with two principles in mind.

1)Progression: The guild will always be first and foremost progression oriented guild. Our main goal is to clear all content as swiftly as possible. Guild members need to have a hardcore raid mentality, and perform up to standars to keep a raid spot.

2) Community: It is our belief that if the raid as a whole enjoys playing together, attendance and performance will reflect upon that. Which is why we wish to establish a strong community of like minded people who look forward to raiding every night. Players who stay active on the forums before guild launch and after.

What we are looking for:

At this time Recruitment is open to all planned classes and specs.No specifics at this point in time.

If you are.

-A Mature player capable of the patience it takes to build a guild from the ground up.

-Research your class to play it the best way possible

-Would like to see the Alliance side of the game.

-Progression oriented with a hardcore mindset.

Then this guild is the right place for you.

Raid Times:

M/W/Th/Sun 8:00pm-12:00 am

So if you ever wanted to be a founding member of a successful guild. Or just want a change in pace from your current toon. Head over to our temporary guildsite and throw in an application

(All Classes Open at this time)

How to Apply

Visit our temporary guild site and click the "Aplly to guild" Button

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