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Mage UI and Add-ons (READ THE FIRST POST)

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I've updated my IceCap addon (WoWInterface download link). While primarily for Frost, it may be of some use to other specs, and I'm open to suggestions for improving it for them.


My mage's terrible gear aside, it calculates the ratings you need to reach various caps for boss-level targets.

  • Crit: Point at which spells will always crit with Shatter active
  • Haste: Point at which instant spells hit the GCD minimum during Icy Veins
  • Hit: 15%.

It uses your current gear and automatically factors in race, professions, etc. All you need to do is specify which buffs you expect to have during your raids (and note that the list of buffs will update with you as you level).

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For thoses who didn't know it yet, i have been updating Filger from Shantalya.

Light power aura classic with aura by defaults.

You can find it here : Tukui > Addons

or here last update, but less stable :

Some screen shots :


Config pannel


Using it, yes, Cata screen... ;)


Moving buffs & things, yeah, Cata screen... ;)

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Since it appeared to be orphaned, I updated LivingBombTracker to work with Mists. I've forked the code and uploaded it to the development site on CurseForge as an additional repository.

LivingBombTracker - gaerthe - WoW AddOns - CurseForge

Let me know if you find any additional issues.

For those not familiar with the addon, here's the author's description:

LivingBombTracker puts a small tracking-frame next to your cursor, whenever you are in combat and your mouseover-target is an enemy, not dead and not level 1.

To refresh Living Bomb via mouseover, it is best to use a macro like the following one:

/cast [target=mouseover,harm,exists,nodead] Living Bomb; Living Bomb

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