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Thank you for taking the time to read this. You saw a post that referenced a non-elitist progression guild and decided to investigate further. I’m going to explain what each of those adjectives means in the context of our guild since they are what drew you to us.

Non-elitist: The members of this guild identified long ago that there is a huge difference between knowing you are a good player and wanting others to know that you are a good player. Good players, logically, want to be surrounded by others of equal skill. Good people are able to identify that just because we’ve chosen to take this game more seriously than other players do does not make us better people nor is the way we enjoy this game superior. We seek this combination of good player and person to fill our raid slots.

Progression: I like to avoid the terms hardcore and soft-core as they typically have too many connotations associated with them. The term progression for us addresses two specific things. The first is the goal and focus of our raids. As a player my enjoyment comes from downing encounters before there are long written instruction manuals that give you step by step instructions on how to defeat them. As a raid leader I expect my raiders to be focused enough that, with our relatively light (only 4 nights/week during progression) raiding schedule, we can remain at this cusp of progression that our members enjoy playing at.

The second thing we want the term progression to convey is the level of commitment expected. You will be surrounding yourself with players that have agreed to treat their commitment to this guild as more than “just a game.†This does not mean we don’t play it to have fun. Soccer, softball, and basketball are all really games, but there are many people from business softball leagues to university club teams and professional athletes who have made commitments that involve treating them as more than “just games.†I would say that our level of commitment expectations is about on the same level as a club sport. There are certainly special situations when you are unable to make a raid and we are very understanding and sympathetic but you are expected to do what you can to keep our raid nights clear of plans. I assure you that if you are able to make this kind of commitment that it certainly doesn’t take the fun out of this game. There’s nothing quite like knowing that every night we raid you are surrounded by people who are not only great players but also the kind of people you’d like to go grab a few drinks with after.

If you feel like those adjectives describe you I encourage you to read more info on us at our website.


Raid Times: Sun/Mon/Wed (+Thurs during progression) 6:30-10:30 MST (Server time)

Currently Recruiting:

2 Ranged DPS

2 Melee DPS (non-retadin)

1 tank (with a strong dps offset)

1 Healers

Just like every guild out there, we look at all applications we receive and if we aren’t looking for your class but your application impresses us it’s likely we’ll find you a spot.

Best of luck in your guild search.



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