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[Alliance][Dragonblight]<Reckoning>Recruiting Healers/Enh Shaman For Hard Modes 13/14

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Reckoning is a PVE minded guild located on the West Coast Dragonblight server. We are an established guild who has been together for the better part of 4 years. Our primary focus is to push content efficiently and keep a light raiding schedule. While we may raid less than a lot of guilds at our progress, we believe that skill, preparation, and excellent raiders makes up for that time. We keep a small roster and ask our raiders to have extremely high attendance; because of this, we don't often have to force people to sit. We want all of our raiders to feel that they are getting their share of raiding in. Reckoning provides our raiders with flasks and gold to help cover repair bills on progression nightsas well. We are currently looking to recruit:


1xExceptional Mage

1xEnhancement Shaman


1 Holy Paladin

1 Resto Druid or Holy/Disc Priest(having the ability to dps and dual spec is a big plus)

We currently raid Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. We run regular ten mans on our off nights. These 10 mans are normally aimed towards hard modes. We have downed several bosses and are working towards of Glory of the Ulduar meta. Our 25 man focus is now turning towards completing the heroic meta as well. We currently have completed 2 tower FL, 4 minute Ignis, A Quick Shave, Kalogarn Disarmed, and Crazy Cat Lady and several more 10 man achievements.

Prospective candidates should be looking to progress through hard modes with the end goal of killing Algalon. If you are bothered by spending full nights, paying for consumables on non progress nights, do not have the best enchants, or have a negative attitude, please don't waste our time. You should be fully Naxx geared and ready to raid Ulduar. Ulduar gear is a big plus and so is having Ulduar experience.

A bit of our history. Reckoning's past dates the whole way back to 2005 under a few different tags but has maintained the same core raiders. In vanilla wow we progressed up to Twin Emps with minor progression in Naxx 40. Fast forward to BC, we successfully cleared Kara, Gruul's, Mag's Lair, Vashj, Kael, Archimonde, Illidan(months before Sunwell came out, and we've yet to see a MH glaive) and we reached M'uru pre 3.0. The week 3.0 came out we finished off M'uru and KJ. So far in WotLK we have cleared all content including Naxx, EoE, Sarth 3D-10 and 25, 6 minute maly, and Yogg in Ulduar. Our Naxx meta included all achievements short of immortal.

To apply, please visit our forums at

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