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[Horde][Dethecus] <Irregulars> Top 100 US need Lock/Disc Priest/Mage/EleSham/Rogue

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About Us

We're #1 on the Dethecus (PvP) server. Currently looking for more members who are interested in hard modes in Ulduar. We're a pretty laid back guild who takes our raids seriously when we need to, but have a lot of fun while doing it.

We currently have Flame Leviathan with 4 towers, XT-002 Hard Mode, Iron Council Hard Mode, Hodir Hard Mode, and Thorim Hard Mode down. Our 10-man is working on Algalon.

We also are achievement oriented, and are currently rated at 71st in the US on WoWProgress raiding achievements for our 25 man and 8th in the world on GuildOx 10 man achievements. We also have many current and former Gladiator's in our ranks.

We run a fairly light 16hr/wk raiding schedule, Mon-Thurs, 6pm-10pm server (PST). Loot is handled via Officer Loot Council. We're currently 3 for 9 of the hard modes, and if you're interested in progressing the rest of the way, feel free to toss up an application.

About You

We are looking for players who are ready to make the most of their raid time. We don't raid as often as most guilds at our level of progression, and need to maximize the time we spend in raids. You will need to come fully prepared with the best itemization, a full PvE spec (2 PvE spec's is even more beneficial), and complete knowledge of the encounters we are going to be facing. We run a very tight knit group, so high attendance is a must. If you are going to be late or miss a night, we require a post on the forums or some other form of contact with the officers to let them know.

Many of our DPS are ranked on's world top 20 lists for their class, and we want to see you on there too.

Class-specific Notes

Currently, we would like to get a Warlock, Mage, Elemental Shaman, Rogue and Disc Priest. We will review all applicants though, so feel free to apply if you feel you are a qualified player.

How to Apply

Please submit your applications on our website:

If you would like keep your application discreet, you can PM me the following information:

Character Name




Current Server

Link to your armory profile.

List your serious alts.

What are your playing hours?

What is your guild history?

What is your character's endgame role?

What is your prior endgame raiding experience?

Why do you want to leave your current guild?

Why do you want to join this guild?

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Please list references who would be willing to vouch for you.

Please list some out-of-game contact information.

If you have any questions, please PM me or send a tell in game to Thaeryn, Ranuvin, or Beat.

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Updated with new class requirements: Mage, Shadow Priest, DPS Warrior, and Disc Priest.

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Updated, Warrior and Mage positions are filled. Now looking for a good Disc Priest and Warlock. Feel free to submit superior applications for any class though.

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