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[Horde][Dunemaul]<Assent> 7/10 Hard Modes LFM

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About Assent

Assent was originally formed in Everquest on the Maelin server back in 2003, where it was one of the top guilds in the world. When TBC came out, many of the Assent-EQ players rerolled in WoW. Assent has been the top guild on Dunemaul (PvP) since High King Maulgar and continues earning server firsts. We've dipped in and out of top U.S. fifty since BT days, depending on how our attendance is holding up. The majority of our guild has been together for the past few years, and we generally enjoy a very low turnover. With the release of Wrath and the joke content we lost a few members to boredom, so we have opened up recruitment.

Assent uses a zero sum dkp system, off spec and tier pieces cost no dkp and are decided by loot council.

Our progress can be found at Assent of Dunemaul - GuildOx - WoW Guild Progress and Achievement Rankings - we've attained Glory of the Ulduar Raider also.

Many of us have played the raiding game since the days of Molten Core and Onyxia, and we plan on continuing. If your interest in the game is waning, we're not the guild for you. If you can't handle 7-8 hours straight of wiping to a boss, we're not the guild for you. We expect applicants to be at minimum 90% of the raids, although if you say ahead of time you can't make it we understand. Applicants are expected to know the ins and outs of their class, as well as necessary information about other classes. If you can't min/max your character properly we aren't interested. Members are expected to bring full consumables to raids, and know the fights before-hand. Research on fights is a given.

Note that if recruited, you're expected to be able to fill the role immediately. Unless specified otherwise, we recruit players for an immediate role in our raid. Over recruiting a class and asking others to sit out just leads to problems in guilds.

What we look for in applicants

Desire: Applicants are expected to want to play this game; if you're the type of person who logs in 3 minutes before raid, 5 minutes after the raid, and whines constantly during the raid about how much you hate this game, we're probably not interested in you.

Preparation: The ideal applicant knows his class inside and out, can pinpoint which spec would fit the fight we're doing best, and bring the necessary consumables to down the fight.

Personality: We have enjoyed being a zero-drama guild for a long time, and we would like to keep it that way. We want players who are friendly, and fit in well with the guild.

Gear: You need to show that you put time, effort, and thought into your gear. We're not Ensidia or Method, so asking for full BiS isn't realistic, but we can expect you to have the best possible gems and enchants for your gear. Show us you've put some time and effort into your character.

Raid Schedule

Although Assent is on a west-coast server, the majority of us are east coast players. As such, we raid east coast times (7-12) Sunday through Thursday, and sometimes on Friday or Saturday depending on how we feel.

Classes we are looking for

Death Knight: Closed

Druid: Closed

Hunter: Closed

Mage: Open (1)

Paladin: Closed

Priest: Open (1, holy/disc)

Rogue: Open (1-2)

Shaman: Closed

Warlock: Open (1)

Warrior: Closed

Note: We're pretty solid on healers and tanks, but any DPS that can handle 6k+ DPS on a non-gimmick fight will be considered.

Contact Information

Sildaorf (Ashaku) is in charge of recruitment and should be your first point of contact in game or via PM on the forums. If he is unavailable other officers are: Kaidman (Ashleih), Leahna, or Pimpy. Be persistent, if you notice we're in a raid zone most likely we might not respond if we're busy. Try again later if you don't get a response.

Our website is Assent - A Horde Guild of Dunemaul

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