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<Serious Players> Previously known as <Ghost>, was established with the merge of two guilds <Eternity> from Gogornash and <Resilience> of Thaurissan.

We were one of the few oceanic guild to have killed Kil'jaedan Pre-Nerf in Sunwell. We have also completed all the content pre 3.1 and have achieved Heroic: Glory of the Raider.

We are currently 13/14 Ulduar and are working on Hard Mode encounters.

Our Current Hard Mode Progression stands at :

- FL +4

- XT-002

- Assembly of Iron

- Thorim

- Hodir

- Freya +1

- YS -1

We are a tight group of raiders who are looking for players who have the same mindset and fire to achieve the best that this game can offer and be the best +8GMT Singaporean Guild and one of the Top Oceanic Guilds.

It is with this aim that we are currently recruiting:

Paladin: Holy x1, Protection x1

Priest: Shadow x1

Rogue x1

Warlock x1

to fill our raids optimally and achieve best synergy.

Our current raid times are of +8GMT times which are :

Monday - 8 to 12pm (10 - to 2pm Server time or AEST)

Wednesday - 8 to 12pm (10 - to 2pm Server time or AEST)

Thursday - 8 to 12pm (10 - to 2pm Server time or AEST)

Friday - 8 to 12pm (10 - to 2pm Server time or AEST)

Sunday - 8 to 12pm (10 - to 2pm Server time or AEST)

Applicants need to be Teir 7.5 and above geared and have the intention to raid Ulduar and beyond.

Do not apply if you can not make the raid times or not appropriately geared.

If you are not one of the listed classes above and is an exceptional player looking for a new environment to push for hard modes, feel free to apply.

For more information, kindly contact Deatholar, Tmw or Alcander on Thaurissan, or you can post an application @ I am currently contactable in-game usually between 7 to 7.50pm during raid days (times in +8GMT) or 9 to 9.50pm server time. (AEST)

If you wish to post a private application you can send your application to or send a private email to Deatholar on forums.

Updated 6th July 2009

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