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[Horde][Shattered Halls]<Reunion> (13/14)Recruiting for hardmodes.

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The "Slackers" problem solved!

Every good raider knows the problem with some people being not dedicated to progress but to the loot it brings. These players seem active when the bosses are on farm, but they have important stuff to do when you are trying to get first kills or hard modes. They slow others down, demotivate, cause drama etc.

As Reunion, we had our share in this problematic and we finally solved it for good.

We want to recruit people who are skilled and active people who are tired of carrying slackers on their shoulders while they work hard to achieve success. We have built up a guild which plays to be best while keeping raid times relatively short compared to other hardcore guilds which are raiding eight hours a day because our understanding to be successful includes Wow and real life balance. You should be doing well in both sides to be able to go on stably.

What we expect from you as player?

  • We expect you to be top notch player, who knows the class mechanics of his/her class very good.
  • We expect you have the same goals with us. In our opinion, a bunch of people without same goals are just a bunch of people.
  • Ambition, Motivation, Concentration, Organization are what you need to be the best.
  • You should be doing your own “accurate†theorycrafting or you should know how to be up-to-date all the time.
  • If we can’t test a boss in PTR ourselves (because of unstable, laggy realms), we expect our players to read available tactics and watch videos about all upcoming boss fights.
  • You should have all consumables that is useful for your class.
  • You should be coming to 5/5 raids per week unless you have an emergency. If you can’t keep up with the schedule, you should know that we will take measures.
  • You should be reasonable player with good communicative skills. We want players to talk to each other deciding themselves about loots, rotation and other important issues that occur during a raid.
  • We want our members to be mature. If you have doubts about what this even mean, do not apply.
  • Under stress every skilled player can do mistakes. Therefore you should be able to appreciate constructive criticism and you should use this method when you want to criticize someone.

What we definitely do NOT want from our players?

  • We do not want slacking. We see it as a guild killer factor. So slacking people will be removed from guild. And don’t worry; we understand the difference very well between needing time for real life issues and slacking.
  • We do not have place for drama queens, loot whores in guild. Besides those people who are verbally abusive or have anger management issues will end up getting kicked. It is very “Important†that every player in the guild understands that we want to have a peaceful atmosphere.

About us:

Reunion is a stable and one of the oldest guilds on the realm. We provide a nice and friendly environment combined with hardcore raiding. We raid 5 days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday), between 18.45 - 23.30 Server time.

We would consider extending raiding to another day to do server first achievements.

In our guild, being helpful to each other and being humble is essential and very much appreciated. For us every single member of this guild is important and the players should behave with this mentality. We like the atmosphere of our guild and we know being mature and being respectful to each other is a major property what holds us together. Our players are dedicated to guild and they contribute to guild's atmosphere in all ways.

Current progress:

Ulduar - 13/14 (Including Hodir Hard mode)

Obsidian Sanctum (Incl +3 Drakes) - Cleared

The Eye of Eternity (Incl 6min achievement) - Cleared

Naxxramas (Incl immortal) - Cleared

We are currently looking for:

We will recruit any player who proves to be better than our current players and who also fits with the rest of the guild. So if you have both social and gaming skills maxed out, go on and apply :)

Currently we are looking for following classes:

1 exceptionally good Resto Shaman

1 exceptionally good Warlock

1 exceptionally good Mage

Please apply on forums

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