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Elitist Jerks Exclusive Partnership with TypeFrag

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Elitist Jerks has formed a partnership with the premier Ventrilo host, TypeFrag. They have gifted us a 400-slot server for use by Elitist Jerks members as a way to interact through voice chat with each other. This is a tremendous asset for us and it also serves as a way to highlight their increased commitment to expose gamers to their superior service and quality through supporting their communities.

In order to participate, you must have a compatible Ventrilo client installed which can be found at the following address: Ventrilo - Download. Additionally, several excellent Ventrilo tutorials are available via TypeFrag's website.

To connect to Elitist Jerks public Ventrilo server using your Ventrilo client click this link or use the following connection details:

  • Server:
  • Port: 3784

If you need help connecting to the server, please see the Connecting to Ventrilo flash tutorial. Also, you can check on the status of the server, including viewing who's chatting in which rooms, at any time by referencing the Ventrilo widget in the sidebar of the home page.


  1. Don't import your forum/guild/server dramas into the chat.
  2. No spamming the mic with music or otherwise. Please use push-to-talk.
  3. No excessive swearing or abusive language.

Offenders and general nuisances will be banned without so much as a mock trial. Please don't abuse this community resource.

Finally, TypeFrag has also been generous enough to supply a coupon code for a free, one-month discount off your very own 25-slot Ventrilo server. Entering "ElitistJerks" into your shopping cart, or clicking this link, will qualify you for your 25-slot month-to-month Ventrilo server with the first month entirely free.

Give them a shot!

About TypeFrag

TypeFrag is a leading provider of Ventrilo servers and Ventrilo hosting, consistently providing high quality voice communication hosting service to online computer game players. Their superior network and software infrastructure, dedicated network administrators, and knowledgeable support staff maintain more than 20,000 servers providing Ventrilo voice communication service to millions of gamers worldwide.

About Ventrilo

Ventrilo is a client-server group voice communication software application designed for use by online computer gamers. The client software is used to connect to an instance of the Ventrilo server software. You can use the software along with a microphone or headset to talk to fellow gamers in real-time.

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