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[Alliance][Uldum] <Poor Play> 11/12 H-ICC25

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Poor Play Website

WoW Progress Page for Poor Play

About Us

Our collective goal is to complete any and all content prenerf as well as remaining competitive with other guilds around the world.

Poor Play has long been the number one guild on Uldum and has been the highest ranked guild in the battlegroup since the 2nd half of Sunwell. We strive to down new content as efficiently as possible and have fun doing it. You should be comfortable with hilarious and vulgar guild chat and vent chatter.

Loot is distributed via a zero-sum DKP system.

Current Progression

11/12 Heroic ICC25

11/12 Heroic ICC10

12/12 ICC25 Normal

12/12 ICC10 Normal (World 97/US 33 Lich King)

ToGC Insanity 10 (World 22/US 20)

ToGC Insanity 25 (World 139/US 55)

Algalon 25 (World 205/US 90)

Raid Times All times in PST

5:30 PST - 9 to 10 every night except Friday and Saturday. (When there is new content)

We do 10mans on off days and sometimes before/after 25man raids.


We have recently opened recruitment of all classes for exceptional players and specs in order to maximize raid comp and skill levels. Our current applicants need to have near 100% raid attendance.

Current Needs

- 1-2 Tanks

- 2-3 Casters

- 1-2 Melee (Ret / Enhance preferably)

- 1-2 Heals

Any exceptional app will be considered regardless of spec/class as we are looking to complete our roster and to progress on Heroic Lich King and eventually get the kill. There is an emphasis on the following classes:

- Shadow Priest

- Lock

- Mage

- Ele Shaman

- Ret Pally

- Enhance Shaman

What we expect from you

Raid Awareness

We expect you to know all the aspects of all the fights in Icecrown Citadel. Watching videos and keeping up on our strategy discussion on our forums is vital to a new recruits success.


Your attendance needs to be near 100%. We understand there is RL situations but if you're missing a raid a week, we don't want you.

Be a Dedicated Raider

You're a raider joining a raiding guild. We expect you to be 100% PvE specced and be willing to respec for fights to perform your best. Also, you must be able to provide your own Flasks + Food. Also must be able to use Vent to listen and speak. You shouldn't apply to this guild to collect loot rather you should consider us if you have the drive to improve your play on a daily basis. You should be open to criticism and suggestions on improving your role within our raids.


We're looking for intelligent people. You should know your class practically inside and out and be able to develop and adapt your own strategies for each fight.


An ideal recruit should have raiding experience deep into hard mode Ulduar as well as 25 man Heroic Coliseum and ICC and if you really wanna impress me share some SWP stories. The longer you've been raiding the better your chances are of getting in and being a successful member of the guild. Solid WWS reports will weigh heavily in your favor as well as any notable arena accomplishments.

Looking to apply or need more info?

Serious and interested applicants should apply at >Poor Play Website<.

If you have any questions, Hush or Falkuron a PM on forums or whisper either Hush or Zaethyra on Uldum. Once we have reviewed your application, we will be in touch. If we are not on ask someone in guild to find us on vent.

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