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[Alliance][Ysera] <Midwinter> 5/5 Heroic ToC Recruiting 1 Resto Druid, 1 Protadin

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Hello, Midwinter is currently recruiting:

1x Resto Druid (core spot)

1x Prot Paladin (core spot, bonus if you can go ret)

1x Holy Pally

Who is Midwinter?

Midwinter is a collection of like-minded individuals set on exploring endgame content in World of Warcraft. The guild is relatively small, but bigger than most raiding guilds to allow people to "have lives."Make no mistake, we're dedicated to what we do, and everyone that comes to a raid with us should be prepared to put effort into doing well. The officers also realize that things happen in people's lives: loved ones die, jobs require overtime to be put in, and people burn out. We work hard to manage these things so that people can raid endgame content and also go out and see the sun every once in awhile.

What does Midwinter do?

Put simply, we raid. A lot. Our current raid times are 10 p.m - 2 a.m. server time (EST), Sunday - Thursday. We expect people to be there, on time and ready to raid, providing circumstances like those mentioned above don't occur. You'll often find some of the crazier members raiding even on offdays, doing things like Ulduar 10 mans, drunken battlegrounds, and general bullshitting. We like to pvp together on weekends, but it's not a primary focus of ours. We're currently working on Algalon and Alone in the Darkness, so we definitely mean business.

What's different about Midwinter?

We offer a fairly relaxed raid environment. Encounters get harder and patience wears thin, but we try to keep levity in our raids. The people that tend to stay in Midwinter are the people that love grouping and raiding with the other members of the guild. We have relatively low turnover because we're pretty picky about who we recruit, and if the recruits don't fit personality-wise, they don't last long here, regardless of class or skill.

Thank you for your interest. Please find our application forums here:

Midwinter Forums • View forum - Applications

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Both DK spots have been filled, Retadin has been filled but has now left a Holy Paladin vacancy. Still looking for an ace rogue!

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