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[Enhancement] BiS gear and set-up discussion

455 posts in this topic really isn't? Release notes + my own testing seem to tell the contrary.


I couldn't choose [iTEM]50458[/item] in Rawr. Totem.bmp.png

(I filtered "bi" cause of the name "Bizuri's Totem of Shattered Ice" so it should be shown if implemented, but it's not.

Cause of it's not in Rawr, I couldn't export it to sim. Additionaly I can't choose it direcly in Sim.


I don't know how to import it so Sim, but I can't choose it directly.

Even tho i have no particular knowledge of how to use enhsim efficiently ( it's been only a while i am using it). Shouldn't you just change the ms ? i noticed you had min ms : 200 & max ms : 200. Is that correct? Shouldn't it be like 200-300 ? So it gives a more accurate dps condition? I don't your ms will be the same at all times, forgive me if i am missing something :)

My wow ping is around 20-50 ms. In addition to that everyone has a human reactiontime. In WoW you know what will happen in the next 2-5 seconds so you can plan your priority list. Of cause ou have to react if mw_5 procs. But you can plan with that in a special kind of way, so i think that 200ms is ok to use it.

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*[iTEM]50458[/iTEM] Isn't implementet neither in rawr nor in EnhSim so I took [iTEM]50463[/iTEM].

That isn't true it IS implemented in BOTH programs. In Rawr the fact that the proc isn't showing on YOUR data is the issue. Manually edit the item to add the proc in. Wowhead changed the spelling of the item after v2.3.5 was released a fix for new spelling is in for v2.3.6.

In EnhSim it is there but for whatever reason missing from the GUI dropdown. It still works if you were to type the name in manually. I've added the extra items to the drop down for next version of GUI.

Actually guys PLEASE report these things on the Enhsim website. If an item is missing from the drop downs, let us know by posting a ticket. Please DON'T post it on EJ forums.

EnhSim - Issue Tracker

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