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[Alliance][Vek'nilash] <Cohors Praetoria> CST, 12h/wk LF DPS for Hardmodes

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Cohors Praetoria is recruiting DPS for our 25-man raid:

- Enhancement Shaman

- Feral Druid

- We'd also look at an excellent application from someone playing another DPS class.

What we're looking for from you is:

1. An ability to play at a high level. Can you pull top notch DPS while avoiding environmental damage? Do you know your class backwards and forwards?

2. Long-term commitment to at least 3 of our raid nights each week. We raid Tue/Wed/Thu/Sun from 7pm to 10pm CST (12 hours a week) during progression, less than that when everything is on farm.

3. A desire to raid based on progression. In WLK this means hard-mode raiding achievements.

Some of what we can offer in return includes:

1. A friendly and stable home. Many of our members have been playing MMORPGs together since before WoW, and Cohors Vek'nilash raided together through all of the TBC content from Karazhan through Sunwell. We recruit people that can play well and also that fit in well, which means a stable low-drama environment. The average age in our guild is probably older than most, and checking out the front page of our website is a good chance to check out what the guild atmosphere is like.

2. Progression without a lot of time invested. Since the start of TBC we've cleared every raid instance that Blizzard has thrown our way on 12 hours a week and we plan on doing the same for the rest of WLK. We cleared all of the T7 content and completed Heroic: Glory of the Raider and we are currently making our way through Ulduar – we’ve done several of the hard modes (FL, XT, Hodir, Thorim, Steelbreaker) and are working on Vezax hardmode.

3. A helpful guild bank. We pay for repairs, resist gear for raiding and provide some assistance with consumables and enchants.

If what we're offering sounds interesting and you think you can bring what we need to the table then we'd love to hear from you. You can get in touch with myself or Ahti in-game on Vek’nilash (someone will be happy to point you our way if we happen to be on an alt) or visit us at and post or PM an application.

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