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[Alliance][Draenor] <Mostly Dead> (T,Th,Sn 9pm - 12 PST) LF2M Healer/Holy Pally pref.

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Mostly Dead is a mostly friendly guild of later night raiders. We raid late because most of us are between 26 and 50 years old with family or kids and this allows us to use rare free time for our raiding addiction.

We've been very successful as a guild especially considering our 9 hour raid week. We had all but immortal from the 3.0 achievements and we've killed Yogg in Ulduar and have gone back to work on hardmodes. We're up to speed on ToC as well and are anxious to begin tribute runs.

Most of our raiders have been raiding together since BC ( some since Vanilla ) but we are not exclusive or elitist towards new people. We are seeking people that can move and maximize their effectiveness. Good attitude towards countless wipes as we learn hard encounters is a must. And we expect that our players do as much as they can to learn, gear, and raise their skill levels outside of raid.

If you are interested in this opportunity please apply at: Mostly Dead on Draenor

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