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[Horde][Stormreaver]<Peachy Keen> 2/13 HToT Looking for the Best

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Peachy Keen is a progression-oriented raiding guild that focuses on experiencing all end-game PvE raid content. While we strive vigorously to achieve our optimal performance in every raid and to succeed in top progression rankings as a hardcore raiding guild, we also believe this can be achieved in an enjoyable yet efficient environment. This is because we only allow the exceptional raiders who can compete among the best in the world to raid with us. Although our raiders derive from various backgrounds, such as students, professionals, and even parents, we all share a common theme: to accept nothing less than our absolute best.

Our Current Accomplishments:

Death's Demise (25 Man, US 227, World 574)

Heroic Anub'arak, Tribute to Skill (25 Man, US 654, World 1805)

Heroic Lich King (25 Man, US 219, World 703)

Ruby Sanctum Heroic (25 Man, US 263, World 819)

Heroic Nefarian (25 Man, US 248, World 778)

Heroic Cho'gall (25 Man, US 216, World 667)

Sinestra (25 Man, US 191, World 612)

Heroic Ragnaros (25 Man, US 101, World 309)

Heroic Madness of Deathwing (25 Man, US 94, World 290)

Heroic Will of the Emperor (25 Man, US 54, World 189)

Heroic Grand Empress Shek'zeer (25 Man, US 61, World 181)

Heroic Sha of Fear (25 Man, US 63, World 186)

Lei Shen (25 Man, US 6, World 8)

Heroic Jin'rokh (25 Man, US 43, World 129)

Heroic Horridon (25 Man, US 61, World 173)

What We Expect Out of You:

- You should set an example for players from both Peachy Keen and

the general public. Relying on anyone other than yourself to perform at an ideal level is unacceptable. Knowledge of your class mechanics should be nothing less than flawless. Knowledge of other classes, especially the synergy between theirs and yours, is paramount to performing at an optimum level.

- A competitive attitude is expected. However, it should never hinder the guild in any way. Being able to compete while maintaining a friendly attitude is a must.

- Unparallelled performance during raids is expected. If you perform at a level that does not meet our guild requirements, you will be removed quickly. You must also have previous high-end raid experience.

- Respect for other players is absolutely required. Do not bother applying if you intend to join solely for loot or achievements. Likewise, if you can’t handle putting the guild before yourself or if you have issues following orders, you should look for a guild that is more casual.

- In a competitive, high-end raid environment, criticism is bound to happen. It is our job to make certain that our criticism is both accurate and constructive. It is your job to accept and use the criticism as a tool to become a better player.

What You Can Expect From Us:

- A stable, structured raiding environment.

- The opportunity to be among the first - and sometimes the only - players to participate in and complete every encounter that this game has to offer.

- Fair treatment whether you are a newly accepted raider or a long-time veteran.

- A group of players that are very skilled who have been playing since the release of WoW.

- The ability to enjoy the game for what it is.

- Everything we expect from you.

As of now, the classes and roles that we need are listed below. If you have the gear, skill, and attitude, you will be in our raids very shortly after joining. However, if you are not among the classes that we need but are still an exceptional player, we would love to have you apply.

Recruiting Needs - Only top-notch players will be accepted:


Frost or Unholy Death Knight

Balance Druid



Elemental Shaman


Arms or Fury Warrior

Protection Warrior


Feral Druid

Restoration Druid

Brewmaster Monk

Mistweaver Monk

Windwalker Monk

Shadow Priest


Enhancement Shaman

Restoration Shaman


Blood Death Knight

Guardian Druid

Holy Paladin

Protection Paladin

Retribution Paladin

Discipline or Holy Priest

Backup Positions (reserved for schedule issues only)

Our current raid schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7 to 11:30 PM CST (Server Time). The other nights will be off-nights and used as additional 10 man raids as desired.

If you are interested in joining our guild, you can view more information on our site at, and you can read more about our application process here. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to speak with any of our officers or role leaders: Bunniculla, Frog, Sehlis, Drorgurro, Klavarnae, Pullo, or Charish.

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Updated recruitment needs (primarily ranged DPS) and updated progression (downed heroic Marloriak 25).

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We have updated our progression and recruitment needs. We've completed all normal mode Firelands content, but we can use more healers for heroic modes.

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We have updated our progression status. 3/7 heroic. However, we can still use exceptional players to help us achieve our goals.

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6/7 heroic now. We have an extremely high priority for Holy Paladins and healing Priests (holy or disc.).

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We have updated our recruitment needs and progression. Within the past month, we have accomplished the following:

Heroic Ragnaros down prior to 4.3.

Normal Deathwing down.

Heroic Morchok down.

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Peachy Keen now recruiting for Mists. We are looking for strong players over specific classes.

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We are recruiting once again. As such, we have updated our Throne of Thunder progression and recruitment needs.

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