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[Alliance][Burning Legion] <Reanimated> 9/9 HM Need Heals, Tank, Caster DPS

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<Reanimated> is looking to boost our raiding core for heroic Trial of the Crusader and beyond. We are an Alliance progression guild on Burning Legion US PvP.

We are specifically looking for:

- Reliable tank who could fill MT role or MT/OT role, excellent DPS offspec preferred

- Healers with exceptional situational awareness and strong communication skills

- Mage

- Exceptional DPS of any class

We've completed both Ulduar meta achievements and have cleared Trial of the Crusader, and are just starting on ToC heroics as they go live today. We are highly ranked in overall achievements, and pride ourselves in working to get achievements done for all of our main raiders, even the accessory achievements.

We raid four days a week, Sunday through Wednesday, from 7:30 central time to 11 central. We occasionally go as late as midnight central time but it is rare, and we never go later.

Reanimated is an adult guild with a mature raid environment, we tend to have a quiet and composed Vent environment and we approach all encounters from a cautious, theorycrafting perspective. We expect the best of our players and continually work to improve our roster.

We expect you to be well-versed in Ulduar hard mode fights, have completed 25-man Trial of the Crusader in its entirety, and be suitably geared to match both of those accomplishments. We are not interested in walking you through the current end game or gearing you up; we are looking for players who can join and make an impact in our raids immediately.

For us to take your app seriously, you should:

- Be logged out in PvE gear matching your main spec that you apply with

- Have the proper spec that you are applying with, and be prepared to defend any talent choices

- Have a suitable raiding off-spec

- Have completely and properly gemmed and enchanted gear

- Have fully-leveled, non-gathering professions

- Have one or more combat log parses demonstrating your skill in a real raid environment

We do not recruit for the "bench" and we mean it; if you apply, expect to be thrust into hard mode encounters immediately and expect to maintain high attendance.

Please read our application section here:

Reanimated - Announcements in Forum : Guild Applications


- Syrio/GM

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