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[Horde][Laughing Skull] <Damage Control> 3/8 HC - 10 man, 3 days per week

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Damage Control


DC was founded very recently, around 2011 year-end, on the realm Laughing Skull. The guild's leadership and most of the core have been actively raiding since 2005 in different guilds, ranging from softcore and social raiding to strict hardcore raiding.

Damage Control is a guild still in blossoming, and is looking for additions to our roster to finish the remaining bosses in DS and to venture on with us in Pandaria.

The dawning of the guild was a joint idea from a clique of people who had been raiding together for a while, but whose ideas of fair leadership and raiding differed from their present guild.

We've managed to kill 3/8 HC in DS so far.


-Fair leadership

"No man is above the law and no man is below it: nor do we ask any man's permission when we ask him to obey it." - Theodore Roosevelt

-Belief in individuals

We will naturally assume that you are prepared for the encounter at hand in every possible way. Information will be posted on our forum in due time, but additional research for your class is expected from you, as well as full preparation with consumables (this includes potions, two of them is expected for any progress fight we engage in).

-Community and communication

We're advertising for communication, both during, and outside of raids, but never during encounters where we expect your undivided attention focused on your tasks. We're always happy to see people online off raid hours, being online on mumble or whatever you chose to do when not raiding.


Most of the people of Damage Control are hailing from Sweden, but the guild is international and open for everyone. The average age in the guild is supposed to be around 24 years. We have members only logging online for raids, and others who play actively on alts, or stay online to farm or socialize.


We raid 3 nights per week on average, seldom more than 4 hours per night. Occasionally a fourth progress raid might be scheduled, but it's very rare. Raid days and times might vary, but is usually scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday.


We have very high expectations of each other during raids. Show up prepared. You have plenty of time to read up thoroughly on every fight during the rest of the week, and for you to know the encounters we stand before is elementary.

You're expected to force the very max out of your class and role during raids, and you can expect the same from us. Flasks, food buff, double potions on encounters is as natural as breathing for you. You know your class inside and out and you enjoy playing it, we don't want you rerolling after 2 weeks.

We're looking for most classes and specs.

Exceptional players will always be considered!

If you are interested, head over to Forums - Damage Control and make an application or if you have further questions: visit us in-game @ EU-Laughing Skull and contact Hypnotassed, Temille or Qhep.

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