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[Horde] [Thrall] <Forgotten> Morning Raiding 9/9 4/5 ToGC

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Server Firsts

ToGC25 - Beasts

ToGC25 - Lord Jarraxxus

ToGC25 - Faction Champs

ToGC25 - Twins

Tribute To Insanity ToGC 10 man


ULD25 - 4 Towers / XT / Hodir/ IC / Thorim / General / Freya +3 / 1 Light/ Firefighter Hard Modes all on farm

ToGC25 - Beasts / Lord Jaraxxus Down / Faction Champs / Twins

Forgotten is an Horde guild on the Thrall (US-PVE EST) server.

Raids are Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 9am EST to around 1:00pm EST. (See below for Local Times)

Raid times may go longer if necessary.

Loot is currently handled by our GM designed rating system.

Recruitment is currently open. Well-written applications are more likely to be reviewed than ones that contain little to no content. Incorrect grammar suggests a lack of attention to detail, and anything without complete sentences will most likely be ignored entirely. Anyone who feels that they're a strong enough player to raid in a high-end guild that's of a class not listed above is welcome to apply, as we rarely turn down an excellent applicant.

We're looking for the following qualities:

* You must be knowledgeable and able to play ALL aspects of your character. You must have the desire to do what it takes to be a successful end-game raider.

* Stable internet connection: You must be able to handle running Ventrillo and have a mic so that you can communicate if needed. You must be able to run all required raiding mods.

* Self-Sufficient: You read strategies...before we try the boss, obtained your own consumables, and are ready to go every morning for raids. You have the ability to theory craft at both the individual and raid levels. You are not afraid of learning new encounters that might not have a strat posted on EJ or some other theory crafting forum. You have the ability to survive environmental effects. You must have the drive to constantly improve your play. You must be able to take constructive criticism VERY WELL so that you can improve your play. We want people who are good, but who are always striving to be better.

* Dedication: Raiders are expected and required to maintain a 75% raid attendance, which is taken over the duration of the month

* Gear: Your gear is a direct reflection of your knowledge of how your class works and your dedication to improving your character, and we need to see the effort in your gear, it needs to be gemmed and enchanted properly. You will be judged by the decisions and work you've put into your gear.

Application Periods are not set in stone; you will be a Recruit in our guild for as long as it takes for us to evaluate how well you fit into our guild.

Classes in Need:

-Holly Pally


-Ret Pally

-Resto Shaman

-Ench Shaman


-Frost Dps DK

-Prot Warrior

-Or any well played/geared class

Local Raid Times

GMT -05:00 : US/Canada Eastern Time - 9:00 AM Local Time

GMT -06:00 : US/Canada Central Time, Mexico City, Central America - 8:00 AM Local Time

GMT -07:00 : US/Canada Mountain Time, Arizona - 7:00 AM Local Time

GMT -08:00 : US/Canada Pacific Time, Tijuana - 6:00 AM Local Time

GMT -09:00 : Alaska - 5:00 AM Local Time

GMT -10:00 : Hawaii - 4:00 AM Local Time

GMT +01:00 : Central Europe Time: Germany, Italy, Spain, France, etc - raid time 3:00 PM Local Time

GMT +03:00 : Kuwait/KSA/Iraq/Russia - 4:00 PM Local Time

GMT +04:00 : United Arab Emirates - 5:00 PM Local Time

GMT +08:00 : Western Australia - 9:00 PM Local Time

GMT +09:00 : Japan/Mid Australia - 10:00 PM Local Time

GMT +10:00 : Eastern Australia - 11:00 PM Local Time

GMT +12:00 : New Zealand - 1:00 AM Local Time

Applicants are encouraged to touch base with an officer in game with any questions (Darkboi, Nommnom Mukz, Nanerpuddin, Phrozenn, Synthra)

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