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Pre-Naxx PVE shaman gear suggestions

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So I'm not a shaman, I have a 60 priest that I've participated in 6 Naxx boss kills with (now retiered). My main character is now a Warrior (main tank of Convicts: Oceanic time zone guild on Korgath, currently working on Twin Emps).

I'm kinda confused when it comes ot Shaman and what the "best gear setups" are for PVE. The basic question is mana/5 vs +healing. The answer will prolly come down to play style: LWH/totem spamming vs low rank HW looping or well timed high rank HW.

Exactly how good is 5 piece Earthfury, and what sort of mana/5 and +healing do you think you'd need to be hitting to stop wearing your 5 piece Earthfury?

What I'd really like to see is a couple of CT profiles of your DREAM PVE healing gear setups: one for anything that's availble pre twin Emps and one that's anyhting available pre Naxx.

Thanx in advance :)

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