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[Horde][Undermine]<Covenant> LF Skilled players for 25s and Hard 10s

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Covenant is looking for skilled and dedicated raiders for 25 man Hard Mode content.

Realm:Undermine (PVE Eastern)

Faction: Horde

Raid Times:

8:30PM to 12PM server time (EST) Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Throwback Raid:

2PM - 5PM Saturdays.


Sartharion (10/25) - Clear +3 Drakes

Naxxramas (10/25) - Clear

Malygos (10/25) - Clear

Ulduar (10) - 13/14

Ulduar (25) - 9/14

ToC (10) - 5/5

ToGC (10) - 4/5

ToC (25) 5/5

About Covenant:

Covenant was founded in January of 2009 by a group of friends focused on having fun and successful raiding. We have grown and are now working on clearing hard-mode content in preparation for Icecrown. We currently are running 2 10 man teams and a 25 man team. We consider ourselves a serious but good natured raiding guild. Ventrillo is a must for raiding. We are an explicit guild in chat and vent. We expect skill and dedication as well as a healthy sense of humor.

We use a Ranked Shroud DKP system.

Once accepted as a recruit there is a 2 week probation period. You are expected to be online for Sunday through Thursday raids during this time. Please bring appropriate consumables. Proper class, gear, and spec knowledge is expected as well as good situational awareness. You will be expected to watch encounter videos prior to the raid and know the fights.


Please apply by posting to our guild recruitment forum at Covenant Forums • Index page. For any questions please PM Koramoor, Frostmare, Avenea, Xeraxis or Unroku on Undermine-US.

We are currently accepting all class applications.

Thank you for your interest.


80 Blood Elf Holy Paladin

Guild Master of <Covenant> on Undermine-US

Alts: Koramaar, Shaihalud and Stoneburner

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