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[Horde][Thaurissan] <Quantum> GMT+8. World 60th H:Insanity LFM Icecrown updated 02DEC

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Quantum is the top Horde Guild on Thaurissan PVP Oceanic Server. Quantum was officially formed on 23rd December 2008, for the sole purpose of clearing end game content.

We believe in raiding efficiency & still being able to competitively clear end game contents.

We are primarily GMT+8 players, made up mostly of Singaporeans, Malaysians & some Aussies, with a mixture of others in the region. Anub'Arak Hardmode killed.

Progression Status:

Heroic: Glory of the Ulduar Raider (17th July 09, pre-nerf, 65th US, 143rd World)

Heroic: Algalon (10th August 09, World 123rd, US 59th, as well as World 11th "He Feeds on Your Tears")

Heroic: Call of the Grand Crusade (6th October 2009, 97th Guild in the world to kill Anub'Arark HM, 38th US)

Heroic: Tribute to Skill (11 October 09, World 111st, US 49th)

Heroic: Tribute to Insanity (26 October 09, 60th Guild World to attain the achievement, Realm First!)

Have 3x fixed 10 man hm teams, as well 1-2 non fixed 10 hm teams (including 1 pure alt grp). Tribute to Insanity farmed all 3 10-man teams.

We also run 2x 25 TotC.

Raiding Days & Timings:

Weds, Thurs, Sun & Mon

1030ST - 0230 Server Time (DST in effect)

(7.30pm - 11.30pm+, for GMT+8)

Raiding hours are a lot shorter when content on farm, we don't believe in needing to raid excessive hours or extra days. Efficient raiding.


5 Completed.

Guild Master: Renamed

Assistant Guild Master: Deiis

Recruitment Status:

1x Enhancement Shaman ( with decent offspec)

1x Holy Priest (shadow offspec)


1x Warlock

We run 2x ICC 25. Trials don't have to sit out often.

Minimal subs for maximum chance to prove your worth.

Do not hesitate to apply if you're confident, talented & experienced raiders are always wanted.

Please visit our forums @ Quantum - Home



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