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<Raiding Robots> is looking for a few more raiders to round out our roster in preparation for Icecrown Citadel.

Immediate Openings:

1 Resto Druid

1 Shadow Priest

1 Feral Druid or Enhancement Shaman

1 ElementalShaman

1 DPS Death Knight

We are also looking for additional dps, and exceptional players of any class are always welcome to apply.

Raid Schedule:

Sunday - Thursday

7:30pm - 12am (EST) – Raids form at 7:15pm

Our Vision:

We share a passion for unraveling the intricacies of WoW’s most difficult encounters and believe our camaraderie intensifies the enjoyment of our successes. Challenge motivates us, not a need for superiority, so we will not sacrifice our health or personal enjoyment to kill a boss before anyone else. We strive to be the best we can be, and believe commitment to continual reflection and learning is the way to succeed.

By constantly improving our efficiency and effectiveness as a team, we seek to sate our desire for raiding the latest challenging content while the mystery and excitement of each encounter remains.

Who We Are:

<Raiding Robots> is a group of talented players from several of the top raiding guilds on Shattered Hand who came together just before Wrath of the Lich King to play with others who share their passion for raiding.

Most of our raid team has a wealth of experience, ranging from Molten Core to Kil’jaeden and beyond. Many of us have been raiding together for years, so we work well together, value our cohesion, and seek to strengthen it with our recruitment practices.

Outside of raiding our members are very active. We enjoy leveling and raiding with alts, PvPing, or just sitting around Dalaran chatting with guild mates. We are active on vent, chatting about random topics or playing other games while not raiding.

What We Offer:

  • A focused and supportive environment – our raid team is filled with people who share your passion for tackling new content and help each other grow as players.
  • An active raiding community – we run multiple weekly 10 and 25 man raids in addition to our current progression focus, facilitated by our many raid-capable alts.
  • Low drama – we do not tolerate excessive whining or bickering, and we emphasize guild fit and personality while recruiting.
  • Sustainability – we frequently sell raid achievements and items to fund repairs, talent respecs, enchanting mats, and certain consumables for raiding.

What We Look For:

  • Passion – we only recruit people who share our enjoyment of learning challenging encounters.
  • Intelligence – being able to understand the elements of an encounter and learn quickly are very important.
  • Class Knowledge – you should be up to date on how to optimize your class, including choosing the correct talents, gems, glyphs, and abilities to use for specific fights
  • Situational awareness – you should be able to react to the environment around you and facilitate this with your user interface.
  • Personality – we like to have fun and enjoy the company of our raiders, and you should treat people with respect.
  • Attitude – you should be able to give and receive criticism well, tolerate the actions of others, and continually be looking to improve and help.
  • Communication Skills – you don’t have to speak all the time on vent, but you must be able to communicate when an encounter requires, and understand the directions of the raid leadership.
  • Consistent Attendance – we require a minimum of 80% attendance to become and stay a raider, but most importantly we require communication if you cannot attend a raid.
  • Stability – you should have a stable internet connection and a computer capable of running well during raids.
  • Raiding Experience – blizzard often reuses fight mechanics, so knowledge of these mechanics and how to react to them helps learn new encounters swiftly.

If you feel our raiding team is right for you, please complete an application at: our website

Any questions can be directed in-game or by private message on our forums to Acra, Rit, or Staci.

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Updated immediate openings. Now recruiting a rogue and fury warrior with equal priority as the feral and enh shaman.

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Updated raid start time and immediate openings. Now recruiting DPS Death Knights and an additional rogue with increased priority.

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Updated immediate openings and recruitment contacts. No longer recruiting rogues, but recruitment priority is elevated for elemental shaman.

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