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Damage Meter mods: Which do you use?

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a little offtopic: what was the reason?

In comparison to other tanks that night this tank (was an OT) relied heavily on sunder armor and shield slam to hold aggro.

Very little use of revenge or Heroic Strike to maintain aggro. He used approx 40 HS and 5 Revenge's the whole night. The other OT's used 250+ HS and 50+ Revenge's that night. He did not go afk and was an OT the whole night.

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I believe that is coming in the next version, which may be done soon. Right now I'm faking it by running stats for each boss present by selecting Trim Logs and selecting the boss in the From and To.

A few stats nuts in the guild are getting behind the effort and sending me logs, WWS is reporting 4% more info for the second log and 1% more for the third.

We're pretty casual so its little more than post them up and let people make their own conclusions or at best someone posts a class thread and we discuss it in positive happy terms (we have enough drama, we don't need to start Meters drama). I'm starting to make some of my own, including my own performance and stuff like using Inner Focus more often, more renews, etc. We're fortunate to have a couple of monster healing Druids and an amazing Healadin that give us a picture of how to destroy the meters (and not with shifty stuff like post-res healing). Decurse, Dispell and Cleansing counts are great too, I thought I was paying attention but I suck at getting debuffs cleaned off people.

The potential of this tool is amazing, that teaser pic of a graph of raid damage and healing Lossendil posted a while back looks great. If he can put that into a per-boss encounter we'll really be able to start narrowing in on what is happening during a fight.

That is a pretty good idea. I will look into the Trim logs as you posted above to isolate specific time frames/boss fights. Right now there are 2 of us that run combatlog for raids. One more combatlog to merge (for a total of 3) sounds like a good number to shoot for.

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