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Infraction for testament0221: Request denied.

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User: testament0221

Infraction: Request denied.

Points: 2

Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Okay. Based on your previous seven infractions and your apparent thickness here, I'm going to guess you aren't terribly quick on the uptake. So I'm going to do this slowly. Maybe this will penetrate your skull and make some impression on you.

First, let us consult the EJ Forum Rules as listed in Boethius's Rule Thread.

That is the rule you broke on this particular occasion. Pay particular attention to the latter parts of that rule's explanation, especially the portion about what to do before posting. That's where you failed. Your misunderstanding lies in the nature of our forum: we are NOT a helpdesk. We are not here to tell you what to do. This forum exists to provide knowledgeable players a place to discuss and refine gameplay with an eye toward endgame performance. People who wish to come here and educate themselves are welcome, but if they cannot contribute substantively to our primary function they are not welcome.

Given that perspective, I hope you can understand our expectations, and why your post was worthy of an infraction. If not, keep reading.

The thread in which you posted was devoted to Blood DPS, and in fact describes itself as a Guide on the subject. One would think that a guide of this sort would provide some insight into rotations to use while performing DPS as a Blood DK. It should follow that persons posting in the Blood DPS Guide thread would fall into one of two categories:

1. Players who subscribe to the general theory of Blood DPS advocated in that Guide, are familiar with it, and actively practice it.

2. Players who disagree with the general theory of Blood DPS advocated in that Guide, are familiar with it, and are capable of providing evidence supportive of their position.

Your post fell into neither of these categories. It instead said, "This is the rotation I use, tell me what's best." While I agree with you that you chose the right place to look for an answer to your question, I disagree with your method of inquiry - as do the forum rules and the four people who reported your post to the moderation staff for review. The correct action would have been to read the first page or two of the thread to find some form of consensus, then perhaps the latest two or three pages to search for signs of the Type 2 users I mentioned above. You could also avail yourself of the Search function to gain further pertinent information.

At this point, you appear to have painted yourself into a bit of a corner. Due to your accumulation of infraction points, you will be banned for one month, during which time I hope you can find the information you seek with the proper application of effort. You are also a single point away from a permanent ban from these forums. Please reflect on your perception of these forums before attempting to post again, as it could well be your final post if you continue to misstep.

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