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Theories about slow RP server raid progression

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Khalos also had a buttload of spirit, leading to a catchphrase that made its way about our mage channel on CC and has since filtered out to all of Da Kine--SPIRIT IS KEY.

I'm eying that gear setup...and hoping it's just his Evocation set. That's more spirit than Pono has.

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Based on experience of two European RP-PvP servers:

RP-PvP realms attract a more mature, older player. Typical age late teens, early twenties. These people are more likely to have lives that preclude playing more than a few hours a day.

Consequently server populations remain younger for longer. They develop slower, so the population is more spread across the levels. All compounded by the fact the absolute active population of RP-PvP servers is low: These servers don't have queues.

You might find less than a hundred other players who are progressing through the game at the same rate as you. Most of these will fall by the wayside before getting seriously into endgame. Now try and put together a guild capable of 40-man instances.

More likely you'll make compromises which involve players who are progressing at different rates. You'll certainly be mixing player skills, experiences and aptitudes. Those compromises are very hard to hold together in a guild.

I believe that's why new RP-PvP realms take half a year to get AQ open. Unlike PvP realms, where within a month there are already a dozen guilds capable of 40-man instances, RP-PvP realms might have one, and its being held together with bits of string and sticky tape.

Compromises are what a lot of people have unknowingly alluded to in this thread. The very best hardcore guilds don't make them, do they? But on RP realms maybe you have to to get anywhere at all?

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Way too much stuff.

I do so love the people who over analyze, but let's take a crack at this.

My statement wasn't to insinuate that pve servers are more progressed than pvp, but that simply stating people on pvp servers on more hardcore is extremely false, having witnessed it myself.

In my experience the amount of guilds in Naxx, post Patchwerk seems to outnumber those on pvp servers. (The ones I have been on.) I believe it is generally because pve server types roll on that server with clear intent to do...pve content. It's an amazing concept, but stick with me.

Knowing that pvp servers have the most progressed is semi irrelevant to the point I was trying to make. You could make any number of assumptions, that pvp servers house more intelligent and better skilled players (This is false) or that they have more time to tromp through the instance (False as well). Probably the only thing I would think could be gotten from the slew of statistics you posted was pretty much what I attempted to say earlier, that pvp inhabitants tend to be a different type, and less prone to frustration and annoyance at things that other people would turn their nose up at. I have always been what I think most would consider hardcore, but every once in awhile someone or someone(s) will repeatedly do enough stupid shit that I want to log and call it a night, and I think those on pvp servers are less apt to do this.

As far as guilds go, no I don't think you're correct. I do not think pvp servers in general have at their core, the want to rape content as is comes out. That's a vast generalization, but it's true. I find that if you're generally interested in pve end-game, that's what you do. Not saying that someone on pvp can't be into that and can't be more advanced, but it's all about mind-set. Those on pvp servers do tend to be more want of pvp action, while those on pve servers have a very big urge to do pve content of any type.

I didn't say pve was any more hardcore than pvp, but I did argue the fact that it was the other way around. I then went on to say that in my experience I found it to be exactly the opposite and have had enough experience to think that if several servers are similar in fashion, one can draw a conclusion.

Now you can contend that the "best" guilds are on pvp servers, but that doesn't mean that to be hardcore you have to be the best. The best guilds make up a surprisingly small amount of server population. I did say pve was more progression biased, but not necessarily just for "raiding" types, but in other areas of the game as well.

Amongst the pvp/pve servers, the ones whose exploits we hear about on both servers tend to have scant talk on pvp, but quite a bit of talk on pve (Something like 8 alliance naxx guilds on pve to 4-5 on pvp.) That's my own personal experience, something that I made sure to point out.

The original point was that pvp was more "hardcore" and "progression" based than pve, and that's simply not true whatsoever. You could draw other conclusions but I don't really think this is one of them.

Edit: Editted for bad grammar and spelling and I probably missed some others -.-

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