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Thanks for reading. Our guild is exactly as advertised here. We want people to have a 100% understanding of our guild when they apply.

VENGEANCE is a Raiding guild on the Horde side of Nesingwary-US PVE server. We raid ICC and ToC/Ulduar as a 10 man team currently and are strongly considering expanding to two 10 man teams and full guild 25 man content in the future.

About US

If you feel like us, you are probably disappointed with the quality of 'raiding' in today's WoW. There seem to be two distinct groups forming in this game. The first is sometimes called the 'Naxxtards' who know next to nothing about their class, don't understand hit caps or anything else but constantly link their gear drops in trade or guild chat because they think they are 'leet' now that they have a purple. The second group are the people who actually know their class, but are often too busy flaming other people on forums or in trade chat to say a friendly word to anyone. Our guild is an attempt to counter both of those things by having serious raiders without the serious drama or attitude.

Guild Philosophy

We began this guild with two goals in mind.

1- Be one of the most successful raiding guilds on our server and possibly in the world

2- Have a healthy, fun environment in our guild and in raid

We are primarily an adult guild, with most people in their 20's-30's+. Many of our raiders have jobs, college and/or have families. We also have a strong military presence among our guild of all branches (myself included). Many of our raiders have experience dating back to early BC and/or Vanilla WoW including 40 mans.

Although in the end the GM has the final say in guild matters, we consider our guild a democracy to an extent. We have guild meetings every few weeks where we discuss current issues as well as our near term raiding plans. At the end of the meetings, everyone from the GM to the member that joined 2 days ago is given a chance to voice concerns. Afterward, all officers get together to decide what, if anything, needs to be done regarding guild issues.

About you

Our future goals for the guild are not to fill a few slots for our current Icecrown progression team, or find one person to help on ToC hard modes. We are thinking long term. We want people to think of our guild as an in game home, with friends they can talk to whenever they're on and people we can depend on in our raid team. Although we live thousands of miles apart, many of our raiders have each other's cell phone numbers and text/talk frequently as well as the occasional Facebook post. That is the type of guild community we want to continue to foster.

We are looking for people who know their class and are serious about raiding, but want to play as part of a team and are tired of all the drama that has unfortunately become part of this game. We recruit the person, not the character or class. We see getting good people into our guild as an investment in the future for all of us and as another person that we have fun raiding with. We will not recruit someone that we do not have fun spending time with. All classes are welcome to apply. We ask that you be 18 or older to apply please. If you feel you demonstrate exceptional maturity for your age you can speak to the GM personally. We are particularly short on ranged DPS at this time.

Raid Schedule

Tue-Thrs 8-11 server time

Optional 'zerg*' raid Monday: 8-11

*The zerg raid normally consists of OS 3 drake zerg mount run as well as Ony 10 and/or 25

Loot Rules

We operate under a loot council system in which loot drops are spread out among the raid so that the goal is for each person to get a drop every run.


VENGEANCE is committed to a culture of no in game drama. That includes both loot drama, in guild or any other server drama. When you are a member of VENGEANCE, you are expected to never, under any circumstance, use any public forum to respond to, post, or instigate any level of drama. This is not limited to messages related to our guild, but also to any drama post for any guild. Members are also expected never to instigate in game drama via whispers or obnoxious posts in trade or any other chat channel.

The goal with these rules is not to be restricive, but to attract members who are not prone to interpersonal drama in game. We allow our achievements and reputation speak for us.

How to Apply

Anyone interested in applying is welcome to check out our guild website at (Vengeance of Nesingwary). Our site was recently revamped and is being worked on daily. Also, potential applicants may join us in vent for any of our raids.

Feel free to contact myself (Stormyst/Stormguard) anytime in game or via email (

Have fun raiding, see you in Icecrown.

Suffer well...


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