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[Alliance][US Silvermoon] <Brethren Court> Recruiting Healing/Ranged DPS 25man

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General Information

Guild Name: Brethren Court

Website: Brethren Court�*Home Page

Raid Focus: 25 Man Content

Raid Schedule: 6:00PM-9:30PM (PST) Tue, Wed, Thur, Mon

Looting System: EPGP

Guild Master: Delacour

Raid Leader: Habakuk

Recruitment Officer: Maxxis, Hottsauce

Guild member performance available at World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis

Current Class Desirability for our 25's

Death Knight: Closed

Druid: BooClosed

Hunter: Closed

Mage: Closed

Paladin: Closed

Priest: 1 Holy/Disc Medium

Rogue: Closed

Shaman: 1 Resto High

Warlock: 1 High

Warrior: Closed

(We only have a couple of spots open but recruitment is ALWAYS open for quality players)

Progression Information (Last Updated: 2/27/2009)

Ice Crown Citadel 10: 12/12 (2/27/2010)

Ice Crown Citadel 25: 9/12 (2/24/2010)

What we are looking for:

- We are a 100% adult guild (18+) with that being said we ask that all applicants follow this trend as your application will be ignored if found otherwise.

- We are expect that all applicants have a desire to progress through content agressively and strive to be one of the top guilds on the server. We like to have fun and fun to us equates to killing new things.

- All applicants must be able to attend 100% raids during their trial (2 week period).

- All applicants must understand the concept of "min-maxing" as well their classes current mechanics, doing this ensures that you will be able to maintain a level of performance that matches or surpasses that of the rest of the raid.

- Ventrilo is a requirement (With a MIC and talking)

- We DO NOT want your ALTS, every standing member has at least one Ulduar 25 equivalent geared 80 main in guild, we expect all applicants to follow this trend as well.

- We do not accept "guild straddlers" (no toon in any other active raiding guild on the server) this causes scheduling issues and effect your 75% attendance requirement.

- Understanding what keyboard turning actually means, and how button pushing vs clicking actually benefits your performance is a must.

- Standing in fire results in mockery and harrasement

- Social ettiquette

- If you frequently use LOL as a punctuation and include -_- <_< or other nonsense monkey chatter, please do not apply.

Please complete an application at Brethren Court�*Home Page (application turn around on average takes 1-3 days)

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