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Welcome to the User Interface/AddOns Forum!

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So what's going on in this internet forum?

This is a place where you can drool over sweet new AddOns and UIs while posting your own sweet UI/AddOns. There is also discussion of mods, posting of UIs, and Mod TheoryCraft.

I make a sweet Mod/UI/Whatnot and I want to show people and tell people about it!

There are many places around these internets that will allow you to upload various files, including some dedicated to WoW Mods. Do that first, then make a thread. Be sure your thread has some type of information about what it is you're touting or making. If you're thread lacks anything beyond a link it won't go far.

I made a sweet keylogger and I want to steal people's accounts!

Don't :angry:

I want to post a POST YOUR UI thread.

Don't do that either. I bet there is one already here, search for it.

And that is that I think. Enjoy this new forum, but don't abuse it.

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