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[Alliance][Cenarius] <Poseidon> 3/12 ICC hard 8-11:30pm PST 3 days/week

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Who we are:

Poseidon was formed on opening day as a semi-hardcore offshoot of Triton, a hard core Everquest guild. The guild merged with Maelstrom to raid MC,BWL, AQ40 and some of Naxx40 before breaking up. The current incarnation of Poseidon was formed on May 17th, 2007 as the first 8pm raiding guild on the server. All raids are run in a serious manner with the goal of clearing all content with very limited play times and a very limited roster. We sit out 5 or less people with nearly no exceptions.


In TBC we cleared T5 before removal of T6 keying, T6 before 3.0 and Sunwell pre Wrath. In wrath, we cleared all content pre 3.1 and all achievements except for Immortal. Ulduar was cleared along with some hard modes and ToC and GToC except for heroic anub. All of this on a limited 3 days a week, 3.5 hours a night content. Raids are run quickly, with all bosses except Lich King cleared in just 1 raid night.

You can check our current progression at WoW Realm US-Cenarius :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft Rankings and History. We are currently starting on heroics in ICC.

Who are we looking for:

1 hunter

1 elemental/resto shaman

2 DK

1 healer

5 part time players any class

Other exceptional candidates

All applicants should have 90% attendance, do excellent dps, have good situational awareness and be drama free. Full consumables are required for all progression content. You should also be prepared to keep up with strategies on the forums, know how to gear and most importantly not waste the time of the other 24 people with you. With such a limited raid schedule, time management is key.

We prefer applicants who have experience in hard core raiding guilds but who no longer have the time to devote to being #1.

Raid Schedule and Loot

We use Ni Karma, a modified roll system to distribute loot

Raids are Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 8pm to 11:30pm Pacific time

Raid invites go out at 7:45 and boss fights are generally not started past 11:15

10 man and heroics are run informally on other nights/weekends

If you are interested please apply on our recruitment forums

Please talk to Celandro in game if you have any other questions.

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