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Guild Name: Prophet

Guild Site: Prophet @ Nagrand (US)

Faction: Horde

Realm (US): Nagrand

Realm Type: PvE

Realm Timezone: Australian Eastern Standard (GMT +10)

Raid Times: 8:00pm - 11:00pm

Raid Schedule: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday

Openings: Death Knights, Druids (Feral/Resto), Hunters, Mages, Paladins (Holy), Priests (Disc), Shaman (All Specs),

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Nagrand (PvE - Oceanic (GMT +10))

Nagrand's Prophet

As of now we are currently recruiting competent players of certain classes (listed below) to join us for weekly progression of ICC 10 and 25. Our main goal is to be in competition with the top 5 Guilds on the server within a months time; this is our short term goal and we do have our sights set on much larger obstacles.

You don't want to see this, if you did you'd surely disbelieve it..

Prophet is a Guild of dedicated players looking to progress through End Game Hard-Mode content. The Guild itself is a no-drama environment where people are always looking to have fun, but when it comes to Raiding it's all business. Serious business. However, this does not mean we'll scream and yell over a silly wipe (unless it's happening continuously without progression). No. We simply do what is needed of us to get the job done and move on to the next obstacle. If the job isn't being done, we'll weed out the problem and brew up a solution without hassle. If you cannot do your job properly we will find someone that can. Period.

Prophet is currently searching for dedicated players that possess knowledge, skill and the personality to withstand the test of time. This is no Join'n'Go Guild; we expect our Raiders to always be competitive with each other and constantly earning their position.. we do not plan to hand out epics to each new contender on a silver platter. Our Officer core is strong and has remained so since creation of the Guild. Our Members are held to the highest standards of performance and we will expect no less than your best efforts on every encounter. Think you're up for the challenge? Apply!

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Guild Raiding Schedule

Wed: 8:00-11:00PM

Thu: 8:00-11:00PM

Sun: 8:00-11:00PM

Mon: 8:00-11:00PM

American Translation:

0600-0900 EST

0500-0800 CST

0400-0700 MST

0300-0600 PST

NOTE: As a Member of the Guild, whether Recruit or Raider, you are expected to show at least 75% attendance, although 100% is obviously preferred. Some arrangements can be worked out, but if you feel that you cannot meet the required minimum attendance then please do not waste our time (as well as your own).

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Guild Progress:

Prophet @ Nagrand (US) - WoW Progress

Last update: April 20

Although we haven't started 25m content as a Guild just yet, majority of our Members have seen at least up to Putricide. In 10m we've been progressing strongly, having done 10/12 in the first 2 nights of Raiding as a Guild (we also didn't get a chance to attempt Sindragosa because of time shortage).

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Our Current Needs:

Death Knight (Unholy - DPS)

Druids (Restoration)



Paladins (Holy)

Priests (Discipline / Holy)


Shamans (Elemental / Enhancement / Restoration)

NOTE: These are CORE positions. We DO NOT recruit for bench positions. The above classes are in high demand and are immediate openings. Feel free to apply even if your Class is not listed above; exceptionally skilled players are always taken into consideration.

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Loot Distribution:

Loot is currently being handled by the EP/GP system run by Sabarielle, our Loot Officer. This system is strictly for 25m content. 10m Raids will use a simple Main Spec over Off Spec / Need before Greed system. The system is currently set up so that Raiders will be awarded 20EP for every Boss Kill (40EP for Progression Kills - Progression counts as the first 2 Guild kills of a Boss); rewards are also given to Raiders who show up to each Raid early and stick around to the very end of the allocated time. These is a minimum of 400EP required before you are eligible to 'roll' on gear (although no one has reached this minimum as of yet, because no one has earned EP as of this moment). This is so that newcomers are not automatically placed at the top of the Priority List. You'll accumulate 400 or more EP within 3-4 days (1 Raiding Week) worth of Raiding with the Guild.

If you are not fully aware of how this system works you can visit this site to find everything you'll need to know about it.

We decided to go with the EP/GP system over Loot Council simply because Loot Council is far too easily (and far too often) abused when it comes to friendship or just plain sucking up to / bribing an Officer. The EP/GP system is a fair playing field for all Members, awarding those that put the time and effort into the Guilds needs and progression; not just the people one person likes more than others.

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Other Information

Prophet Guild Site

- Nagrand's Prophet

Prophet Ventrilo


- 4516

- pheonix

If you would prefer to speak directly with a Member or Officer (preferably the latter) in regards to anything about the Guild, you can try your luck and pop onto the server. You can usually catch Sabarielle (Recruitment / Loot Officer) on most of the day, as well as some of the other officers that will be listed below.

Please note that there is a channel specifically for Applicants and the like to sit in; it would be much appreciated if you joined this channel to let us know that you are an applicant and that you are looking to speak with an Officer.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to use the information above or contact Montolioo (Guild Leader / Raid Leader), Zuulander (Co-Guild Leader), Mÿth (Co-Raid Leader) or Sabarielle (Recruitment / Loot Officer) in-game. If you would like to apply to the Guild, please visit the website above and drop in an Application; we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

You may also contact me on MSN Messenger:

Hope to raid with you soon.


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We have a 10 man group going at the moment and are building towards a 25 man raid. If you have any questions please email me on here, on, in game on Montolioo, or on

We are currently seeking a few healers, some ranged dps and a rogue.

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