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Upgrade Point Spreadsheet

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I created this small spreadsheet at the start of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, and have been using it to pick the best possible upgrades for both my tanks and mage throughout the expansion. After a few guild mates tried it, and found it easy to use and useful, I've decided to create a distributable version and give it to the community for use and critique.

What it is

In a nutshell, this spreadsheet allows you to assign values to your current gear, compare that to values assigned to a possible upgrade path, and show you which upgrade should be pursued first. This is not a standalone tool; you need Rawr, or some other tool capable of assigning value to gear.

Why should I use it?

For the most part, we've all used Rawr, spreadsheets, or SimCraft to find possible upgrades to pursue. How do you decide what piece to go for first, though? By assigning a metric "cost" value to possible upgrades, this spreadsheet will show you which pieces offer the most bang for your buck, giving you a quick and simple way to decide if you should spend frost emblems on that cloak or belt first, or if you should spend your DKP on the BiS weapon, or that amazing chest piece.

How do I use it?

I've made it to be as simple as possible to use. After using your tool of choice to assign a value to each piece of gear you currently own, you insert those values into the "Current" row. Use the same tool, with the same settings, to assign a value to each upgrade you are considering. It is very important these values are defined with the same rule set, or your difference metric will be incorrect. Once you have the gear values put in, the Difference row will self-populate.

You can then input the cost of each upgrade. It is important that the cost be the same metric across the board; If all costs are not the same metric, the end result will not be accurate. Once the cost is entered, the "UpC" values will auto-populate with the Upgrade Value per Cost.

A simple example

On the example page, I have used my death knight and his tanking gear. Under the Current row, I have the Tankpoints Value taken from Rawr.TankDK. Under the Upgrade row, I have the Tankpoints value taken from Rawr.TankDK, using the same settings as the Current row. Since my DK is an alt, I have chosen the upgrade path of emblem gear. The Cost row is populated by the number of Emblems of Frost it would take for me to get each upgrade. In the case of the pants and boots (both crafted) I have multiplied the number of Primordial Saronite by 23, the cost per saronite in emblems. This allows the metric for the Cost row to stay the same (all are in a value of emblems per piece).

There are a lot of ways I can think to make this sheet better, but I was your input on what you want from it! Did you find the tool useful? Is there anything you would like to see to make it better? Is there something I missed that, if included, would make you want to use it? This is starting very simply, but I want it to become a long-lasting, useful tool that fills a niche that I don't see any other tools filling. Tell me how to make it better!

The spreadsheet can be downloaded HERE.

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