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[Alliance][Proudmoore[ <Infamy> LFM! 6/12 ICC HMs

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Infamy is a progression based guild on the US-Proudmoore server. We offer a competitive raiding environment with people from all over Australia and New Zealand along with the token American contingent.

As the alliance forces storm deeper into the lich king's citadel we want you to help bolster our numbers!

Infamy’s Philosophy:

Unlike many other progression focused guilds we run a slimmer raiding schedule and operate on the principle "raid less, achieve more." As such we don't beat our heads against a wall attempting other people's strategy’s but work together to refine what works for us.

We like to maintain a much smaller tight knit raiding force with a roster between 30-35 members. If you sign up to raid with us we try to ensure that you will get to face as much new content as possible.

What are we looking for?

  • 2 mages of exceptional skill; your spec should be appropriate for the current level of content and gearing. If you are unable to think of a purpose for counterspell in a raiding environment or don’t know what “Remove Curse†is I wouldn’t bother submitting an application. The "not standing in" of fire should be paramount in what you achieve however this should be as second nature as topping the charts on DPS

  • Finally we are also on the hunt for a Shadow priest with a discipline offspec. You should be equally at home rocking the meters as you “melt fase†to victory or spamming bubbles and heals around the raid. Although this position would be primarily as shadow you should be fully competent playing discipline as well.

Raid Times:

Infamy raids three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. We start raids at 8:00pm AEST sharp and are usually done by around 11:30pm AEST. The expectation is that you are early rather than on time for raids.

What do we offer our members?

By becoming a member of our team you are offered the ability to participate in end game content at exceptional skill levels in an environment that is friendly, mature and hard working. We offer our members the ability to see new bosses before strategies have been refined and actively participate in the development of said strategies to see the boss slain at your feet.

Walking into a new instance, sometimes with very little information about what the boss is going to do is a truly exhilarating experience.

At the end of the day we also realise that WoW is a game and we endeavor to have fun when pushing new content.

What do we expect in an applicant?

Infamy is a progression focused guild and as such we expect our members to be self aware (don't stand in the fire,) adaptive (even if the fire is blue) and observant (unless it is a good fire to be standing in.) We expect that you have a serious approach to raiding and are prepared to put in the time outside of raids to understand the mechanics of a fight and get as much beta as possible before you walk in the front door of a new instance.

A solid internet connection is mandatory lest you find yourself keeping the bench warm and you should be up to date on the current theory crafting for your class. If necessary we expect you to respec for certain fights however the guild does reimburse people for this expense.

With our smaller raid force we require an 80% attendance in order to ensure people do get nights off when needed.

At this point in time Infamy is focused on finishing off Ice Crown Citadel and commencing hard modes and as such we expect applicants to have an appropriate level of gear (Hot Tip: We don’t mean ilvl232 badge rewards.)

Sounds like the guild for me, how do I apply?

You can post an application on our forums Infamy or speak to Jynks, Katri, Avatar or Kalthor in game. We also accept private applications via PM on our forums to Jynks. If you would like to have a chat to us about recruitment I can usually be found on either my shammy (Jynks) or my priest (Malks)

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Updated to reflect latest progression.

We have also found a superlative boomkin and are looking for a second mage at the moment.

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