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Hunter shot cycle

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Any one care to share thier thoughts on the new highest dps TBC shot cycle? Between Arcane shot, multishot, and steady shot. What is the new optimal weapon speed? Personaly i haven't reached 70 yet and havn't been instancing much, and wheni do i've been more concerned with mana then high dps but raiding is right around the corner.

The other thread seems to bogged down with the MM vs BM spec debate.

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Bottom of page 41

We have been talking about shot timing, how to choose your shots and optimal weapon speeds for 3 pages.

The above quoted link/thread is apparently broken or has been removed.

I am relatively new to the Hunter class, have no raiding experience as a hunter (tons as a mage and druid,) and am lost when it comes to shot-rotation theory. I rolled this toon originally to be a farmer for my raiding toons, but power-levelled him to 70 with the release of TBC in order to fill a class need for my guild. I consider myself to be a competent and intelligent player, but at this point I have no practical experience to rely on. I have spoken with my compatriot hunters, but their ability to communicate clearly combined with my enormous noobishness has rendered that solution non-viable.

I am currently geared with mostly quest-reward blues, using Melmorta's (with the Kurenai rep quiver: +15% atk spd) and Terrok's Quill. My guild is only a few saves into Kara, and tonight, in fact, will be my first exposure to raiding as a hunter. According to our GM, the overall dps from our hunters is too low, so it is important to me that I do well. Hopefully I will be able to raise the bar for the others with what I learn from you knowledgeable and emminently helpful people. I look forward to your responses.

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