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    • Defiler's End

      Valor upgrades definitely sped this one up, but we'd been making steady progress each night which made for a nice learning curve regardless. And I'm not going to complain about a little boost to get Archimonde down before the holidays wreak havoc on scheduling.


      Thanks to everyone for great play the last couple of months in particular, really picking up the overall level to close out the tier. Thanks especially to Shabadu and Heckbringer who were instrumental in getting us here, but sat out the big kill. After 11+ months of more or less continuous progression, looking forward to a leisurely farm schedule. Recruitment is pretty much frozen at this point, but exceptional applicants interested in joining for Legion should feel free to reach out, though we'll need to see who rerolls, leaves, returns, etc., going into the new expansion before taking any further steps.

      Final pull counts:

      • Archimonde - 157
      • Mannoroth - 175
      • Xhul'horac - 101
      • Velhari - 79
      • Zakuun - 29
      • Iskar - 4 (lol)
      • Socrethar - 30
      • Gorefiend - ~110
      • Kilrogg - 34
      • Council - 30
      • Kormrok - 39
      • Reaver - 37
      • Hellfire Assault - 31
      • Archimonde (Heroic) - 51
      • Blackhand (Mythic) - 339 [bit of context there - granted, lots of quick p1/transition wipes]
    • Mannoroth

      12 down, one to go. Fun fight to progress on from start to finish, just making small adjustments and getting comfortable with the timings throughout. Now for fun times with the big guy.

      We're probably all set as far as recruitment goes at this late stage of the tier, but exceptional candidates are always welcome to apply.

    • Floor 2 (+Recruitment update)

      After Gorefiend, there wasn't really an specific single boss that felt like it merited a front-page update, but at this point, collectively the entire second floor of the Citadel seems like it does. Onwards to the roof, and Mannoroth. Time for the real challenge.

      With the arrival of fall and changing work/class schedules, we're looking to replace a mage and add one more ranged DPS to our lineup to give us some flexibility as we close out the tier. More information here: http://forums.elitistjerks.com/topic/22898-hordemalganis-elitist-jerks-recruitment/





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    • Gorefiend

      As usual, definitely felt like this should've been dead sooner, but I'll take it. Good to have the first major roadblock behind us, and now on to floor 2...



    • Hellfire Citadel

      Getting the ball rolling on Mythic - aka learning how to actually do the fights and their mechanics.



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