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    • Defiler's End

      Valor upgrades definitely sped this one up, but we'd been making steady progress each night which made for a nice learning curve regardless. And I'm not going to complain about a little boost to get Archimonde down before the holidays wreak havoc on scheduling.


      Thanks to everyone for great play the last couple of months in particular, really picking up the overall level to close out the tier. Thanks especially to Shabadu and Heckbringer who were instrumental in getting us here, but sat out the big kill. After 11+ months of more or less continuous progression, looking forward to a leisurely farm schedule. Recruitment is pretty much frozen at this point, but exceptional applicants interested in joining for Legion should feel free to reach out, though we'll need to see who rerolls, leaves, returns, etc., going into the new expansion before taking any further steps.

      Final pull counts:

      • Archimonde - 157
      • Mannoroth - 175
      • Xhul'horac - 101
      • Velhari - 79
      • Zakuun - 29
      • Iskar - 4 (lol)
      • Socrethar - 30
      • Gorefiend - ~110
      • Kilrogg - 34
      • Council - 30
      • Kormrok - 39
      • Reaver - 37
      • Hellfire Assault - 31
      • Archimonde (Heroic) - 51
      • Blackhand (Mythic) - 339 [bit of context there - granted, lots of quick p1/transition wipes]
    • Mannoroth

      12 down, one to go. Fun fight to progress on from start to finish, just making small adjustments and getting comfortable with the timings throughout. Now for fun times with the big guy.

      We're probably all set as far as recruitment goes at this late stage of the tier, but exceptional candidates are always welcome to apply.

    • Floor 2 (+Recruitment update)

      After Gorefiend, there wasn't really an specific single boss that felt like it merited a front-page update, but at this point, collectively the entire second floor of the Citadel seems like it does. Onwards to the roof, and Mannoroth. Time for the real challenge.

      With the arrival of fall and changing work/class schedules, we're looking to replace a mage and add one more ranged DPS to our lineup to give us some flexibility as we close out the tier. More information here: http://forums.elitistjerks.com/topic/22898-hordemalganis-elitist-jerks-recruitment/





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    • Gorefiend

      As usual, definitely felt like this should've been dead sooner, but I'll take it. Good to have the first major roadblock behind us, and now on to floor 2...



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    • Hellfire Citadel

      Getting the ball rolling on Mythic - aka learning how to actually do the fights and their mechanics.



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    • Concerning Mark of the Legion on Archimonde
      Groups. you'll want tanks/melee in groups 1 if possible, and some of group 2. ranged in 3/4. obviously some cross over may occur based on comp.
    • Concerning Mark of the Legion on Archimonde
      Do we do anything special about placing people into raid groups for that? Will the addon pick them automatically based on raid role/spec? Will it need moving the melee/tanks into groups 1/2 or anything of that sort?
    • DBM 6.2.22 Released
      For those not keen on alpha versions, this is obviously a highly recommended major update for those using DBM in Legion alpha. It's still recommended for live users to update too. For the minor bug fixes and getting used to the HUD line color changes. Not to mention helping to support DBM.   Note of course that there is a harsh feature in this version that if it detects more than 2 alpha versions in group newer than your release, it will disable your mods completely. This was to force people doing the most important raid testing to use latest development versions no matter what. This only applies to legion alpha testing.
    • DBM 6.2.22 Released
      Key: Blue: Noteworthy, Purple: Major New Features Core: Auto accept invites feature for friends list now also supports non battle.net friends as well. Emerald Nightmare: Added mod for Cenarius from heroic raid testing. Some Mythic stuff drycoded Added mod for Ilgynoth from heroic raid testing. Added a mod for Dragons of Nightmare from heroic raid testing. Note this mod is still very much incomplete since testing of this fight didn't go well for most groups. Added mod for Renferal from heroic raid testing. Mythic additions to Nythendra from mythic raid testing. Added mod for Xavius from heroic raid testing. Note: Phase 3 was bugged and he was not using most abilities during it so phase 3 timers are incomplete. Updated Ursok mod with a few more features for handling charge (such as auto soaker assigning) as well as latest data from mythic testing. The Nighthold: Added mod for Tichondrius from heroic raid testing. Added mod for Aluriel from heroic raid testing. Added mod for Telarn from heroic raid testing. Added mod for Krosus from heroic raid testing. Added mod for Star Auger Etraeus from heroic raid testing. Some mythic mechanics are also drycoded but untested. Added drycoded mod for Elisande prior to Tuesday, May 3rd raid testing. Updated scorpyron mod with improved timer auto correct code for greater accuracy in all difficulties and added mythic timers. Legion Dungeons: Added trash module to Arcway dungeon. Improved warnings and timers across Arcway dungeon. Added trash module to Assault Violet Hold Added mods for 3/8 bosses in Assault Violet Hold Improved warnings and timers across Eye of Azshara Added trash module for Halls of Valor Improved warnings and timers across Halls of Valor Added complete mod support for Court of Stars, including all bosses and a trash module. Bug Fixes Core: Fixed lua error in HUD caused by removal of TAXIROUTE_LINEFACTOR_2 global in legion. Fixed some lua errors related to removed challenge mode APIs in Legion. Update 32 legion mods to use updated UNIT_SPELLCAST args. Hellfire Citadel: Fixed a bug that caused Mythic archimonde timer for conduit to show as "unknown" if short text timers were enabled. This was caused by using a spell id that doesn't exist until legion to auto localized the short text. Legion Dungeons: Fixed LUA error on Glaidalis (Darkheart Thicket) Fix some lua errors in Eye of Azshara Changes Core: Added a new auto localized special warning text for defensive abilities/CDs instead of most tank warnings just being generic spell names. Hellfire Citadel: Changed HUD colors for lines on players for several offensive debuffs from green to yellow to fit more in line with philosophy that red is bad stuff not on player that player should avoid, yellow is bad stuff on player that player should get out of raid and green is a "move to" line that tells player to follow line to get somewhere. For more DBM news, visit: http://www.deadlybossmods.com

      For information on known issues, visit:
      http://forums.elitis...st-known-issues For more information on DBM features, visit: http://forums.elitis...adly-boss-mods/
    • I can not trigger with Weakauras on the last phase of Archimonde mythic
      Alright, that was mainly an issue with the Encounter ID changing or clearing because I made 2 auras that trigger based on the Spell ID of DBM and only one of them that did not look for the Encounter ID at all loaded. On the weakauras bug report page for this there is mention of a possible bug for that and a way to workaround it/detect it. I do not know if the string version of the trigger would work but it might.