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    • Mannoroth

      12 down, one to go. Fun fight to progress on from start to finish, just making small adjustments and getting comfortable with the timings throughout. Now for fun times with the big guy.

      We're probably all set as far as recruitment goes at this late stage of the tier, but exceptional candidates are always welcome to apply.

    • Floor 2 (+Recruitment update)

      After Gorefiend, there wasn't really an specific single boss that felt like it merited a front-page update, but at this point, collectively the entire second floor of the Citadel seems like it does. Onwards to the roof, and Mannoroth. Time for the real challenge.

      With the arrival of fall and changing work/class schedules, we're looking to replace a mage and add one more ranged DPS to our lineup to give us some flexibility as we close out the tier. More information here: http://forums.elitistjerks.com/topic/22898-hordemalganis-elitist-jerks-recruitment/





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    • Gorefiend

      As usual, definitely felt like this should've been dead sooner, but I'll take it. Good to have the first major roadblock behind us, and now on to floor 2...



    • Hellfire Citadel

      Getting the ball rolling on Mythic - aka learning how to actually do the fights and their mechanics.



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    • Cutting Edge?

      Came in under the wire. This one was a bitch - felt like we should've had a kill ages ago on some level, but at the same time it was steady progress and refinement from our first pull a month ago through our kill tonight.


      If WarcraftLogs is to be believed, world first no-Disc-one-moonkin-one-hunter-one-warlock Mythic Blackhand? Fun times.




      Speaking of which, recruiting for 6.2! We could use a dedicated Disc priest in particular, and then one or two miscellaneous DPS of nearly any spec. If you have experience with serious progression raiding and are looking for a somewhat more relaxed pace with a bunch of jaded veterans, check out our app here: http://forums.elitistjerks.com/topic/22898-hordemalganis-elitist-jerks-recruitment/

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    • NEWS: Heroes of the Storm: Artanis Build Guide
      265196Heroes of the StormeSportsClasses Overview Artanis is a flexible Warrior that's capable of pursuing a variety of builds. He's more utility than acting as a damage sponge though unlike Johanna or Muradin, he has no direct access to a stun. Most of his strength lies in the fact he can quickly dart in and out of combat but that he has an innate shield from his trait that allows him to go toe to toe with many enemy Heroes. I will add that Artanis is particularly challenging to play well as he's somewhat squishy and relies heavily on positioning to be truly effective.  Guide Updated: 24 November August  Pros Cons Is capable of dealing good burst damage through Twin Blades   Rather squishy for a Warrior as he has no self sustain besides his shielding  His shielding provides him with good survivability against most enemy Heroes  Requires exceptional positioning  Phase Prism is invaluable at picking out an enemy you want to kill Blade Dash doesn't act as an evade, so he can be disabled during it Both of his elite skills are global Outside of Twin Blades, his damage is very poor   Offers no hard crowd control Abilities Most of Artanis' abilities revolve around movement or the ability to quickly deliver a burst of damage. It's imperative you do not utilise Blade Dash into a heavy pack of enemies as you're more than likely to be focused and die. In addition, try to save Phase Prism for enemies that are squishy to trap them.   Shield Overload is Artamis' trait and allows him to gain an amount of shielding when he takes damage below 50% health. During the active shielding, if he uses basic attacks he'll reduce its cooldown by a maximum of 4 seconds. 1 on 1 it's an incredibly strong talent and allows you to survive against most Heroes (besides The Butcher or Kerrigan). Just be conscious of your health pool and if you are engaging when low, try to do so when you know your shield will trigger.  Blade Dash is a difficult skill to use effectively because its dash forward can actually leave you incredibly vulnerable. If you get caught by Kael or a stun from Muradin, you're going to take a huge amount of damage with no ability to get back to your allies. When talented it can deal a lot of damage and if possible, try to use it so you'll hit multiple targets instead of just one. Twin Blades is Artamis' burst skill and allows him to attack twice instantly with Basic Attacks. It's a good way of adding some high damage output in a short window, allowing you to really focus on a player after using Blade Dash.  Phase Prism is one of my favorite skills in the game and despite its short range, it's incredibly powerful. Effectively a "swap" you switch places with any Hero caught by it. If you can tag a healer or squishy target such as Jaina, it's incredibly easy to trap and burst them down (especially in small fighting spaces).  One of two elite skills, Purifier Beam casts a slow moving beam of light down onto a single enemy target. It will continue to chase that target for 8 seconds. In some ways it's a strange elite because it can be avoided incredibly easy however, it's primary purpose is to remove a player from the fight. Unless they retreat or move, they'll take huge damage.  Perhaps a little underrated, but Suppression Pulse is surprisingly useful. Timed correctly, it provides a nice little burst of AOE but also blinds enemies. It's great for mitigating a burst before enemies attack you.  Talents Level 1: Reactive Parry Probably the best of a bad bunch and providing Artanis with some much needed mitigation, using Twin Blades now allows you to block two basic attacks thanks to Reactive Parry. Considering the short cooldown on Twin Blades, it's incredibly useful.  Level 4: Lethal Alacrity I take Lathal Alacrity talent partially because it allows you to engage earlier but also because on the way back, you'll be further away from the enemy so can survive longer after your oppener. In addition, it's particularly useful when chasing an enemy down. Variable: Chrono Surge is the best alternative here as it provides you with greater burst potential, especially when you utilise Twin Blades after the 4 second attack speed increase. Level 7: Solarite Reaper The highest damage upgrade on this talent line, Solarite Reaper boosts your Blade Dash damage by 150% for the first dash. Against multiple enemies, it's a significant boost to your damage output.  Variable: If needing to play more defensively, pick up Psionic Synergy. Against a full enemy team, if you manage to hit multiple foes you'll reduce your trait cooldown significantly (4 seconds per target). It allows you to stay in a fight much longer.  Level 10: Purifier Beam In team fights the value of Purifier Beam is in keeping an enemy busy by them trying to avoid it. If you can, always cast it on the highest DPS opponent or their healer to keep them busy. Level 13: Triple Strike Similarly to Solarite Reaper, Triple Strike allows Artanis to deal even more damage with Twin Blades hitting 3 times instead of 2.  Variable: If you're needing more defensive options, take Phase Bulwark because when combined with Psionic Synergy, he can use his trait even more often. Level 16: Psionic Wound A no-brainer, really. Psionic Wound causes vulnerability on an enemy you strike with Twin Blades, allowing you and your team to deal 25% extra damage against them for 2 seconds. It really helps in team fights when you've pulled an opponent with Phase Prism.  Level 20: Nexus Blades Dealing 20% extra damage on basic attacks, whilst a single second slow is never a bad thing. It's a good bump in damage for Artanis.  Matchups These Hero Threat Levels (1 being lowest threat and 10 being highest threat) are to help you determine which enemy Heroes can give you a headache. For the Heroes listed here, take extra care as they're particularly dangerous for Artanis.  Hero Threat  The Butcher: Lamb to the Slaughter combined with Butcher's Brand will absolutely destroy you. You've no means of getting away from him and his self healing is far superior to your shielding.  10/10 Kael'Thas: Gravity Well can really ruin your play as Artanis. It'll stop Blade Dash instantly and leave you incredibly vulnerable - escaping afterwards really isn't an option.  7/10 Jaina: She's a huge threat because of her ability to slow you. With no "outs" this leaves Artamis struggling to escape encounters and as a result, you'll be focused.   9/10 Kerrigan: Considering you both have self shielding, Kerrigan usually comes out on top because of her elite but also her ability to interrupt you. You can also struggle to escape because of her pull.  7/10   Leoric: Purely because of his self healing and ability to slow you, Leoric is a real nuisance that you'll never really be able to kill. 8/10 Tips This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Artamis play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here.  1. Even though you're classed as a Warrior, you're fairly squishy. Don't just run into a fight first - you'll die.  2. Utilise Twin Blades as often as humanly possible. It'll allow you to block basic attacks and it boosts your damage significantly.  3. Remember your trait only triggers at 50% health. Before then, you'll quickly lose any health when focused unless you're being healed.  4. Blade Dash is a high damage skill but it also leaves you vulnerable. Only use it if you know you can't be disrupted or rooted.  5. Phase Prism has a very short range so be sure to use it when near an enemy.  6. Phase Prism can travel through walls and barriers, allowing you to switch with an enemy who thought they were safe.  7. Always try to use Phase Prism on a squishy target and once you've swapped places, immediately turn around to block them whilst using Blade Dash and Twin Blades. It's a wicked burst of damage. 8. Because Artamis has no reliable "out", be sure to skirt around the edges of a fight when it first starts to pick your target effectively.  [url={url}]View the full article[/url]
    • NEWS: Legion Alpha Live and Playable
      268848World of WarcraftMMO Finally, it has arrived. Based on numerous sources across the web, World of Warcraft: Legion has officially entered its alpha testing stage. While this is a small change from the beta we were promised by Blizzard developers at BlizzCon, it does mean that we are one step closer to Legion and getting out of the Warlords of Draenor rut.  Haven't gotten your alpha invite? Be patient. Alpha tests usually only allow a very small number of players in. As the Alpha (and eventually Beta) progress, more invites will go out. Also keep in mind, the Alpha stages of testing take place very early in the development process, what you would see in game currently will likely not resemble the final product at all. While testing Alpha and Betas is fun, sometimes waiting for the finished product is well worth it. With that being said, these testing phases are very important to  creating an amazing game, if you do get an invite be sure to use your time providing feedback to help developers make Legion the best it can possibly be.  View the full article
    • NEWS: Legion Transmogrification Changes
      268569World of WarcraftMMOGameplay Perhaps one of the most beloved features in World of Warcraft is the game's transmogrification system. Transmogrification allows the player to replace the appearance of much of their gear with items they have collected over time. Most players have at least one piece of gear transmogrified and many enjoy creating elaborate looks, completing old dungeons and raids in hopes of finding the perfect match for their set. However, transmog is far from perfect in its current state and it seems Blizzard developers agree. During the World of Warcraft Game Systems Panel at BlizzCon 2015, some stunning changes were thrown our way. This new version of the system will clean things up, give us more options than ever to change the way our characters look, and generally improve the way this in-game feature works. Curious to know more? Here is a look at all the major changes coming to Transmogrification in World of Warcraft: Legion: Wardrobe Perhaps the biggest addition to transmogrification in Legion is the Wardrobe. If your bank, Void Storage, and bags are filled to the brim with gear you have been keeping around for transmog purposes, this is your dream come true. The Wardrobe is a collection tab for any and all transmog gear you own. No longer will your storage be totally taken up by old item sets, every item that is bound to your character will be added into the Wardrobe. This includes items from old quest rewards that you may not have picked, which will automatically be added into your Wardrobe at the launch of Legion. After an item has been added, there is no need to keep it on hand. Vendor, disenchant, throw away, or whatever else you want to do with these items; you do not need to burden yourself with them any longer. Even more exciting; all items now unlock on an account wide level. There are some small stipulations though. For example, the item will only be unlocked for a character if you are able to equip it on that character. This means that your Mage won't be rocking a plate chest piece anytime soon. Finally, the Wardrobe will give you a running total of all the items you currently have compared with the items you could potentially have. You may also choose to view a list of the items you don't currently own. This list will provide you with useful information like what the item looks like and where the item can be obtained.  Outfits While the Wardrobe feature will solve the clutter problem, developers aren't stopping there. In order to help you keep your favorite sets together and to better keep track of your items, Outfits are coming in Legion. Outfits will allow you to store transmog sets for future use. All your favorite outfits will be available with just a simple click of a button. Frantic searching is a thing of the past. Not only will you have the ability to save your favorite transmogs, you will also be able to share them with other players. Every Outfit can be linked in game chat (whispers, General Chat, etc.) just like an item. Players who can see the link can try on the Outfit and also gives them the ability to create a shopping list of sorts for items they may want to collect in the future. What happens to hidden slots when you save an outfit? If you are not showing an item, like a helm or cloak, the hidden slot will remain saved with that particular Outfit. You will not have to re-hide the item slot each time you put on that Outfit. Hidden slots have included up to this point your helm and cloak slots. However, in Legion, players will now be able to hide their shoulder slot as well as the other previous hidden slots. New Transmog Slots In Legion you will be able to customize your character more than ever before using transmog. Currently, there are three new transmog slots planned: Weapon Enchants Shirts Tabards View the full article
    • [H][US-Arthas] Unhuman - Francais - HFC: 9/13M
      Felicitation au groupe [Raid] Surge a 4/13M pour le kill de Hellfire High Council!
    • NEWS: Broken Isles First Look
      268569World of WarcraftMMOExploration The Broken Isles are a brand new continent being opened in World of Warcraft: Legion. A group of islands located in the South Seas, they play host to many ancient ruins and undiscovered magics; including the Tomb of Sargeras. Long lost to the ages, this scarred and fractured landmass will be propelled into the spotlight as the Legion threatens to destroy our world. Here on these ancient ruins, players will search for the Pillars of Creation, artifacts that were used by the Titans to create Azeorth. These artifacts, hidden in the various zones of the Broken Isles, may be the only hope we have of closing the Demon Portal allowing the Legion to pour into our realm. History The Broken Isles we will explore in Legion are but a shadow of what once was. Around 10,000 years ago, the Broken Isles were known as Suramar. This region was just a tiny part of a vaster region, all reigned over by the ancient Night Elves who were at the very height of their power. Then came the Sundering. Suramar and the surrounding regions were devastated and only a fraction of the zone and the once glorious empire remain here. Zones The Broken Isles as we will see them in Legion are divided into six very distinct zones: Val'sharah Val'sharah is a beautiful forest that houses the hidden and forgotten Heart of Druidism. It was here in this beautiful forest that Malfurion met Cenarius and that druids have been coming to hone their craft for thousands of years. However, not all is well inside of Val'sharah; a darkness is creeping in. The Emerald Nightmare has taken over large portions of the zone. Something must be done or Val'sharah will be totally corrupted. Shaladrassil Shaladrassil was once a vital and thriving world tree, serving as a gateway into the Emerald Dream. However, the Emerald Nightmare has managed to seep out and corrupt and twist Shalarassil into something truly awful. While many Arch-druids still remain here, the zone is slowly turning to darkness. With waves of Satyrs flooding the zone and Nightmare dragons filling the skies, Shaladrassil is a far cry from the beauty and life it once represented. Stormheim Reminding us much of the Arathi Highlands, Stormheim has a deep, rugged beauty that has remained much uncorrupted. This zone is home to a clan of Vrykul that left Azeroth long ago. These Vrykul came to this land to seek out their true Gods. As we meet the Vrykul we will explore their history, as well as the history of the Kvaldir. Here we will take on the God King as he seeks access to the Halls of Valor and are introduced to a brand new flight of dragons; Storm. Azsuna At first glance Azsuna appears to be a serene landscape, however, first appearances can be deceiving. This land is cursed and haunted, its devastation occurring well before the Sundering. Queen Azshara, in a display of ultimate power, killed thousands of her own Night Elven people here leaving a mark that can never be erased. Now the Queen has sent her elite Naga forces back into the zone, allied with Sea Giants, to recover an important relic. Besides the Naga and Sea Giants, players will find that a small group of Blue dragons has taken up residence here. Azsuna is rich in arcane energies and has drawn the attention of these arcane loving dragons. Also found here is the Vault of the Wardens, one of the key locations in the Demon Hunter starting experience. Highmountain Highmountain isn't just a name for this zone. With untamed wilds, fertile valleys, and deep canyons, this zone is best known for playing host to the largest mountain peaks found anywhere in Azeroth. Rich with natural beauty, Highmountain is home to three ancient Tauren clans. These Taurens have lived here for thousands of years and are the direct descendants of the Taurens who fought in the War of the Ancients. Typically peace loving, these clans have recently found their serenity shattered. The cave-dwelling Drogbar, once enslaved to Neltharion, have risen up and stolen the Tauren's most sacred artifact. With the clans unity disrupted, the Drogbar plot to destroy them and thus rule Highmountain as their own. Suramar Suramar is the central point in the Broken Isles, connecting to all zones but one. This zone was hit hard in the Sundering, however, Suramar City remains in tact. A thriving Elven metropolis, the city was protected from the devastation by tapping into pure Arcane Well to create a dome around the city. This dome remained in place for 10,00 years. The Elves inside became dependent on the energies of the well. The well has been abused and has become corrupted, shrouding the city in darkness and becoming known as the Nightwell. Recently, the leader of the city has forged an alliance with Gul'dan, the dome has come down, and Legion forces now occupy the city. Gameplay The Broken Isles has a unique type of game play that we haven't experienced in game before. Many of the zones here were designed to flex. This means that when you enter a zone it will change to suit your level. Mobs, gear, quests, will all scale to whatever level your character is currently at. You can move between these zones freely, giving you the option to do what you want when you want to do it. The only zones exempt from this flex style will be those that are meant to be experienced at maximum level. Dungeons and Raids The Broken Isles are home to a plethora of dungeons including 5 designed for the leveling experience: Eye of Azshara Neltharion's Lair Halls of Valor Darkheart Thicket Violet Hold As well as 5 dungeons for players who have reached max level: Vault of the Wardens Black Rook Hold Helheim Suramar Noble District Suramar Catacombs For players looking for more of a raiding experience, the Broken Isles will come equipped with two large raids right out of the gate with a total of 17 bosses between the two: The Emerald Nightmare Suramar Palace View the full article