Core and Boss Mods Downloads

Download Core and Boss Mods DBM-Core.png

This is the default download package. It contains the core of DBM and boss mods for all dungeons and outdoor bosses in Pandaria.

Download PvP Mods DBM-Core.png

This download contains mods for all battlegrounds and arenas.

Download Cataclysm Mods DBM-Core.png

This download contains boss mods for all bosses in Cataclysm. You still need DBM-Core from the package above to use them.

Download WotLK Mods DBM-Core.png

This download contains boss mods for all bosses in Wrath of the Lich King. You still need DBM-Core from the package above to use them.

Download BC and Vanilla DBM-Core.png

This download contains boss mods for all bosses in Burning Crusade and Vanilla WoW. You still need DBM-Core from the package above to use them.

Download DBM-ProvingGrounds DBM-Core.png

This download contains boss mods for the new Proving Grounds single player challenge mode added in patch 5.4.

Other Downloads

Download LibDataBroker Plugin DBM-Core.png

This is a plugin to configure DBM from LibDataBroker based mods like Fortress, TitanPanel or FuBar/Broker2FuBar.

Download Spell Timers DBM-Core.png

A DBM-plugin that shows timers for the cooldown of certain spells like Innervate and the remaining time for spells like portals or repair bots. Custom spells can be added from the DBM options menu.

Alpha Versions

Download DBM-Core and Pandaria Mods SVN DBM-Core.png

SVN build of the latest version of the DBM-Core and Pandaria package. Use this for cutting-edge raid content, especially after patches.

Automatic Updater

Download DBM Desktop Updater (Mac)
Download DBM Desktop Updater (PC)

Version 1.07.00
DBM Desktop Updater runs on PC & MAC and will automatically keep DBM Up to date for you. It also easily allows you to switch back and forth between Alpha and Release builds, and will create backup copies of your interface settings directory to restore all your addons' settings in the event of a game crash. Compatible with Curse and works on Mac now that Curse has discontinued their mac updater.

DBM Announcements

Deadly Boss Mods 6.0 Testing (Updated: 9-19-14)

DBM News 18 Jul 2014
I have some test mods that work in 6.0 beta available here:http://wow.curseforg...-mods-wod-beta/ As well as 6.0 ready Siege of Org mods here (Do not use with live): Notes:1. Not all mods are complete. They are updated as testing is ongoing with thi...
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DBM support for user added sounds.

DBM News 14 Jun 2014
  DBM now supports user added sounds for more experienced users. There is no GUI for this feature as it's a more complex feature and having a GUI for it could confuse new users that may enable it without adding sound, which would then register blank sounds with libsharedmedia (LSM).  ...
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DBM Update 5.4.17/18/19 Released

DBM News 09 Aug 2014
New FeaturesCore Tank "Taunt" warnings are now on by default for everyone, but now check spec and only display if you are tank spec. This enables people who frequently switch between tank and dps not to have to constantly turn these type of warnings on and off depending on whether or not they hap...
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DBM News

DBM Localizers needed

DBM News 01 Apr 2014
DBM is in dire need of localizers for the following languages: ptBR (Portuguese) zhCN (Simplified Chinese) esES/esMX (Spanish) frFR (French) itIT (Italian) *Currently these languages have poor or no support in DBM which causes fights blizzard likes to use yells/emotes as triggers (instead of CLEU...
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DBM Update 5.4.16 Released

DBM News 13 Jul 2014
New FeaturesCore DBM-Core now supports custom user added sounds. For more information read: http://forums.elitis...r-added-sounds/ zhTW Update Siege of Org: Garrosh Hellscream mod will now cancel timers off phase 3 end yell when possible instead of waiting for phase 4 start trigger. Bug Fixe...
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DBM Update 5.4.15 Released

DBM News 31 May 2014
New FeaturesCore Kr Update Siege of Org: Added a countdown for breath of YShaarj on Malkorak Added Berserk Timer to Garrosh Bug Fixes  Siege of Org: Fixed bug where Electro Static Charge timer/countdown would not start if AMS is used to avoid application on Siegecrafter Blackfuse. Chang...
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DBM Update 5.4.14 Released

DBM News 16 May 2014
New Features Core DBM Core should now filter VEM boss whispers. Several French Updates Several Chinese Updates Added preliminary support for combat resurrection charge timer. Will require actual 6.0 testing to finish it. Several new timer features were added. Full documentation on what they a...
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Reminder: Special Warning Sound Config

DBM News 02 May 2014
*Doing a repost of an earlier page that didn't get enough views since DBM didn't have a news feed yet. This article should show you how to customize your DBM sound experience to be more effective in dungeons/raids.When will this feature be available?Now! It's been available since May 2013.Why do...
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Upcoming custom timer work

DBM News 21 Apr 2014
This stuff is in alpha now. Or will be in next general release.New timer features 1. Countdown text/audio can now be added to timers, both personal and broadcasted 2. Timers can now be looped indefinitely or until canceled. They also auto terminate when EndCombat fires for any active boss mod as...
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DBM Update 5.4.13 Released

DBM News 15 Apr 2014
New Features Core DBM Core now lets you auto accept invites from friends or guild members Several new options were added to "Extra Features" to give users more control of some of the easter egg features I've added to DBM over past year. Added support for WoW 6.0 raid difficulties. DBM will now...
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Upcoming DBM Options Improvements

DBM News 30 Mar 2014
First of all, DBM General Options has gotten cluttered with misc things that really do not belong there. Maybe now people will notice the really awesome REALM best timer feature of challenge modes I added many months ago.  So now: Second up, where is all that extra stuff now?:...
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DBM Syncs and WoW patch 5.4.7

DBM News 19 Feb 2014
Blizz seems to have made an undocumented change to addon and chat channels to now force include realmname, even for your own local realm. Unfortunately this means that DBM broke unexpectedly despite PTR testing of new sync comms for whispers (those are working great for my new world boss feature!...
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Old Content Refactoring

DBM News 01 Sep 2013
Over next few weeks I'm hoping to redo a ton of old mods little at a time to greatly reduce their localized dependance. Things like converting old 5 man mods to use auto localization off encounter journal (something that wasn't available back then). This will help greatly improve the old...
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