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Core and Boss Mods Downloads

Download Core and Draenor Boss Mods DBM-Core.png

This is the default download package. It contains the core of DBM and boss mods for all dungeons and outdoor bosses in Warlords of Draenor.

Download PvP Mods DBM-Core.png

This download contains mods for all battlegrounds and arenas.

Download Mists of Pandaria Mods DBM-Core.png

This download contains boss mods for all bosses in Mists of Pandaria. You still need DBM-Core from the package above to use them.

Download Cataclysm Mods DBM-Core.png

This download contains boss mods for all bosses in Cataclysm. You still need DBM-Core from the package above to use them.

Download WotLK Mods DBM-Core.png

This download contains boss mods for all bosses in Wrath of the Lich King. You still need DBM-Core from the package above to use them.

Download BC and Vanilla DBM-Core.png

This download contains boss mods for all bosses in Burning Crusade and Vanilla WoW. You still need DBM-Core from the package above to use them.

Download DBM-ProvingGrounds DBM-Core.png

This download contains boss mods for the new Proving Grounds single player challenge mode added in patch 5.4.

Other Downloads

Download LibDataBroker Plugin DBM-Core.png

This is a plugin to configure DBM from LibDataBroker based mods like Fortress, TitanPanel or FuBar/Broker2FuBar.

Download Spell Timers DBM-Core.png

A DBM-plugin that shows timers for the cooldown of certain spells like Innervate and the remaining time for spells like portals or repair bots. Custom spells can be added from the DBM options menu.

Alpha Versions

Download DBM-Core and Draenor Mods SVN DBM-Core.png

SVN build of the latest version of the DBM-Core and Draenor package. Use this for cutting-edge raid content, especially after patches.

DBM Announcements

DBM vs Mythic Archimonde

DBM News 21 Aug 2015
Should have had video 3 weeks ago with first kill but there were some video issues so new video was needed. It's here now. Enjoy!   Features in video: Accurate timers that are colored differently by ability type Precise and informative warnings. HUD helper for wrought chaos identifying all...
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DBM 6.2.10 (Including 6.2.9) Released

DBM News 25 Aug 2015
Key: Blue: Noteworthy, Purple: Major   New Features Core: Updated callbacks to timers and announces to better support 3rd party mods using DBM events as triggers. This is a required update if you intend to use Weak Auras upcoming update supporting boss mod triggers. (6.2.10) H...
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DBM: Did you know?

DBM News 26 Jun 2015
One thing that's big in raiding, is many users have different strats to approach same problem. One such example I wanted to point out today.   As you can see, the Raid leader can set yell type for seeds and it applies to EVERYONE running dbm in raid. The feature allows one person t...
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DBM Localizers needed

DBM News 01 Apr 2014
DBM is in dire need of localizers for the following languages: ptBR (Portuguese) (Mostly good now, maybe a touch here and there) esES/esMX (Spanish) frFR (French) itIT (Italian) *Currently these languages have poor or no support in DBM which causes fights blizzard likes to use yells/emotes as tri...
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DBM News

DBM 6.2.8 (Including 6.2.7) Released: I see what you HUD...

DBM News 08 Aug 2015
Key: Blue: Noteworthy, Purple: Major   New Features Core: Added new hud arrow function that can be used to draw a line between yourself and target player via "/dbm hud" slash commands. This works anywhere in world and isn't limited to raiding. Play follow the leader!  Many int...
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New Feature: Color bars by type

DBM News 03 Jul 2015
Deadly Boss Mods now supports coloring timers by timer type. This is feature complete with full configuration and a disable options. Timers fall under 6 type classifications. Adds, AOEs, Targeted, Interrupts, Role, and Phase. Timers that don't fit any of them are set to 0 "no type" and don't use...
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New Feature: Notes

DBM News 21 May 2015
This week I've been working on a long time feature I wanted to do. The notes feature. Well now, I'm proud to announce, this feature is near completion and ready for testing in alpha versions of DBM. This feature lets you set a user entered note on ANY special warning. With these notes, now y...
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Massive Special Warning Code Refactor

DBM News 17 May 2015
I just began work on a massive rearrangement of args in the special warning code to cleanup an ugly hack and pave way for a new feature I want to work on soon that I'm not ready to share.   This rearrangement means there could be new bugs/regressions that need to be ironed out.   First...
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Look Behind 3: PTR 6.2

DBM News 26 Apr 2015
Creating mods for the PTR as I mention in first part of series, involves drycoding a mod first with no information about fight but what the encounter journal says and spellids off wowhead.   I read the journal, read the spell tooltips and meta data and determine what warnings would be import...
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HudMap & DBM

DBM News 14 Feb 2015
History:HudMap was an amazing addon developed by Antiarc at end of wrath. Intended to be somewhat of a replacement to AVR when blizzard broke AVR. AVR was a mod that drew on the WORLD using apis that were in game. Blizzard decided that was too powerful and removed apis and effectively killed AVR...
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Look Behind 2: Mythic Thogar Movement Helper

DBM News 02 Apr 2015
Today I'm going to do a look behind on the dev process of Thogar movement helper I built into DBM for mythic thogar. This has been worked on over a couple weeks to get it into a very usuable place.   Step 1 was to simply collect data from around Thogars room. This is generally done in a clea...
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Upcoming Status Whisper Change

DBM News 18 Apr 2015
In next DBM release, be it 6.2 (or 6.1.7 if i make another 6.1.x version), It will have a new global disable in status whisper options so that the group leader can disable everyone elses status whispers with a single option.   Obviously non relevant content such as 5 man normal/heroic dungeo...
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More frequent DBM Releases

DBM News 31 Mar 2015
Going forward I plan to do more frequent releases. I've always wanted to do more frequent releases but people always get annoyed by it, even when you could disable the popup, people still found getting a free update that adds new features or fixes bugs as a problem instead of a blessing. So gener...
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Look Behind: A DBM Dev Series

DBM News 14 Mar 2015
I decided to start a dev series, where I write about how the mods I write come to be. In this series I will explain: How mods are developed from scratch How mods then evolve into a final product. How, even after they are done, I always look for ways to improve and iterate upon them. The tools use...
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