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    May 11 2015 04:42 AM

    I definitely don't envy the folks who did this pre-nerf with P1 having razor-thin margins of error.




    Now for Blackhand, where for once we actually coincidentally don't have the worst conceivable raid comp for something.


    We're still looking for a full-time healy priest and a DPS (likely rogue) - check out our application and PM me if interested: http://forums.elitis...ks-recruitment/


    Apr 21 2015 04:57 AM



    Pretty steady and quick progression to get this trio down, leaving us with two to go. Still looking for a healing (Disc mainly) priest and a melee DPS, preferably rogue - see our application forum and send a PM if interested.

Quick Highmaul Detour

    Apr 13 2015 03:55 AM

    Ducked back into Highmaul to wrap up unfinished business for the sake of achievements and WoWProgress points. Gear kind of makes a huge difference here.




    Now to focus our attention on wrapping up Furnace. We're recruiting a couple of players (Disc priest, rogue, maybe one other melee) - see http://forums.elitis...ks-recruitment/for more info, and please PM me an app if interested.