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DBM Update 6.0.4 Released

    Yesterday, 07:52 PM

    New Features


    • Several new voices were added to audio countdowns.
    • Up to 3 audio countdowns are supported at once now.
    • Combat Resurrection charge timer that shows when your raid's next battle rez charge will be available.
    • A new feature that reports guild progress to entire guild. When a GUILD group pulls, kills, or wipes to a boss, everyone running DBM that's in guild will know about it (can be disabled of course). Now you can see progress even if you aren't in the action. This is a smart coded feature that requires that it be A. A guild run (i.e., no pugs or anything like that) and B. A relevant raid difficult (i.e. not LFR).
    • Several language updates. (6.0.4)
    • Auto reply whispers will now always include phase or number of bosses left on fights where this information is relevant (This was always supported in "status" whispers but I forgot to put it in regular auto replies). (6.0.4)


    • Added mods for all Highmaul encounters.


    • Added mods for all outdoor Draenor encounters.

    Blackrock Foundry:

    • Added mods for all Blackrock Foundry encounters.


    • Added mods for all Wod 5 man dungeons.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug that could cause icon marking to fail.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented manually loading outdoor encounter mods manually.
    • Fixed a rare issue where the GUI might fail to load.
    • Fixed a bug with end combat falsely reporting wipes. (6.0.1)
    • Fixed a bug with stats not working in "event" flagged dungeons. This broke start/end combat messages. (6.0.2)
    • Fixed a bug that would cause pull timer and break timer to not show and giving an error instead. (6.0.2)
    • Fixed a bug that would cause warriors to constantly get loot spec warnings. (6.0.3)
    • Fixed a bug that would cause Guild Run boss messages to fire for non guild runs. If you disabled this feature because it was spammy before, try it out again now that it's working correctly. (6.0.3)
    • Fixed a bug that would cause Brawlers and DMF mods not to load. (6.0.3)
    • Fixed bugs in InfoFrame that caused it not to work in several fights. (6.0.4)
    • Fixed bug with guild wipe messages. (6.0.4)
    • Fixed a bug with UNIT_HEALTH combat detection (a backup combat detection for old raids before ICC). (6.0.4)
    • Fixed a bug that caused blizzard countdown timer text to desync from pull timers if changed from default value of 5. (6.0.4)
    • Fixed a bug that was causing cinematics not to skip. (6.0.4)


    • Improvements to soloing. DBM will be smarter in 6.0. Things like not showing radar if in a raid by yourself. Using faster target scanning if in a raid by yourself, not setting icons on yourself, etc.
    • Break timer will no longer announce to raid chat and uses local messages instead. It also now supports audio countdown and text using same settings as pull timer.
    • "/dbm arrow" slash now available everywhere.
    • Outdoor AFK sound alerts now have more strict conditions to warn earlier, to reduce player deaths from afk grieving.
    • World Boss syncs will now use Encounter Journal boss names to minimize localizing. World Boss syncing has been cleaned up a bit.
    • Guild boss alerts will now include difficulty.  (6.0.3)
    • DBM will now print a message once per login notifying of Addon specific bugs new to WoW 6.0, to spread awareness of why players are seeing certain behaviors.  (6.0.3)
    • DBM will now print a message once per character that to work around blizzards sound bug, it automatically changes your sound channels to 64. (6.0.4)
    • DBM-GUI should also be blocked from loading in addition to DBM-Core if VEM is loaded. (6.0.4)
    • Skip cinematics is now "after first" by default instead of off by default. (6.0.4)


    • Improved option defaults for all timers. (6.0.4)


    For more information about 6.0 update, refer to this thread on what to expect from this update:



    For more DBM news, visit:

Oh, I guess it is.

    Apr 08 2014 03:33 AM

    Whoops -- we didn't have a proper front page for a while so i got lazy about updating. We closed out the expansion pretty solidly a couple of months back, and are now taking it easy farming mounts and playing lots of Reaper.




    We've had a remarkably stable roster all expansion long, and I mainly want to thank everyone for making the experience be (mostly) a pleasure the whole way through.


    With ~28-29 solid raiders, we're in good shape for Mythic raiding in Warlords, but exceptional players who are familiar with our guild and our guild culture, and think they might be a good fit, are welcome to contact me via PM if you'd be interested in raiding here.


    See you all in Draenor!

...is this thing on?

    Dec 09 2013 12:32 AM CfHqcFv.jpg
    Blizzcon and Thanksgiving (FYI, I love canceling raids due to both Canadian Thanksgiving and real Thanksgiving) and plague and crawler mines notwithstanding, this guy's finally dead. Definitely the toughest boss in a long time (probably tied with Lei Shen), but also pretty damn satisfying to kill. 12 down, 2 to go.

Siege of Orgrimmar

    Oct 07 2013 05:46 AM In the interests of a general update, after a slow start, missing out on Heroics the first week when server downtime nuked one of our raid nights, we're at least ready to move on to the more challenging section of Garrosh's lair.

    Posted Image

    Looking forward to some more meaningful killshots from here on out.