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Voices are coming

    Yesterday, 04:57 AM For anyone that's been following process on the current DBM alpha versions. Me and the VEM team have been working hard to unify our projects and bring voice packs into DBM, and out to more users. It has always been my belief that the fragmentation of VEM being it's own fork was never good for either project. They did amazing voice work, but often their mods lacked updates to the encounter modules themselves and their core also often lacked the constant improvements being made to DBM-Core on a more frequent basis. Meanwhile DBM had better maintained encounter mods that received more updates and supported more languages, but no voices.

    Working together, we have a greater work force that can focus on the parts we play in bringing something better all around.
    We've spent the last 2 weeks working hard to get everything finally ready and I believe we are pretty much there. As of RIGHT NOW. You can download DBM alpha versions today, and their voice packs directly off curse, and start testing these new features immediately. I can't promise there won't be bugs, as that's why we'll be conducting further testing before official release. If you find any bugs, please report them here.
    As for when a release May be coming. I want to be sure another round of testing is done Tuesday, maybe wed before doing final release.
    For those that want to help test this now, Here is what you need.
    1. Latest DBM alpha version off here or curse.
    2. One of their sound packs available 
    Here: http://wow.curseforg...-voicepack-vem/ (english)
    Here: http://wow.curseforg...voicepack-yike/ (Chinese)
    3. Once installed correctly in Addons Folder.
    4. Hop in game, do /dbm and then click "Options" then "raid warnings"
    Thats it. Voices are now enabled in Highmail. 5 man dungeons, and Draenor world bosses
    Additional Tips:
    1. One big change from VEM. I focused on an api that was far more configurable. Where you could enable/disable individual voice warnings on a per mod, per spell basis. So now, you can go to a specific boss and toggle specific alerts on and off to your preference. These options are only visible if a voice pack is installed. If one is not installed, they are conveniently hidden from configuration.
    2. I added a new global option to COMPLETELY disable "run away little girl" sound across ALL mods. A person using a voice pack will likely want to use this new option.
    3. It's likely default special warning sounds may be too loud for voice packs. Sounds such as "Beware" or "You are not prepared" or "Destruction". However, these are easily changed to shorter or quieter sounds or even "None" for sound here:

    Want to make your own voice pack. There is an example project that can be used here:


    Today, 06:55 AM

    Been a long, long while since we've killed a new thing, but it's good to be back doing actual progression.




    Nice way to head off on a little holiday break, and then we'll be moving on to the rest of the zone. For those who have asked, currently we are not recruiting. With lots of folks returning for the expansion, trying to pare down to 20 people for Mythic on a given night is already a challenge. Should that change, I'll update our recruitment posting to that effect.

Oh, I guess it is.

    Apr 08 2014 03:33 AM

    Whoops -- we didn't have a proper front page for a while so i got lazy about updating. We closed out the expansion pretty solidly a couple of months back, and are now taking it easy farming mounts and playing lots of Reaper.




    We've had a remarkably stable roster all expansion long, and I mainly want to thank everyone for making the experience be (mostly) a pleasure the whole way through.


    With ~28-29 solid raiders, we're in good shape for Mythic raiding in Warlords, but exceptional players who are familiar with our guild and our guild culture, and think they might be a good fit, are welcome to contact me via PM if you'd be interested in raiding here.


    See you all in Draenor!

...is this thing on?

    Dec 09 2013 12:32 AM CfHqcFv.jpg
    Blizzcon and Thanksgiving (FYI, I love canceling raids due to both Canadian Thanksgiving and real Thanksgiving) and plague and crawler mines notwithstanding, this guy's finally dead. Definitely the toughest boss in a long time (probably tied with Lei Shen), but also pretty damn satisfying to kill. 12 down, 2 to go.