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DBM Update 6.0.5 Released

    Yesterday, 10:21 PM New Features
    • Several Language updates.
    • Tons of refinement done to DBM Debug mode to allow variable debug output levels. Three tiers of debug output now exist with default being 1. 1 being basic, 2 being spammy out of combat, 3 being spammy in and out of combat. Debug mode is very useful in diagnosing problems and reporting bugs to us so it enables us to tell you to enable/disable it to find out why things aren't working for you that work for us (such as LoadMod).
    Darkmoon Faire:
    • Added mod for Fire rings daily.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug that caused pull timer to be disabled by default.
    • Fixed a bug that caused guild raids to report as "normal" difficulty when they are not.
    • Fixed combat resurrection charge timer so it does not show in event 5, event 20, and event 40 difficulties (such as Molten core).
    • Fixes to DBM-Core .toc file to work better with nolib option in curse client.
    • Fixed error on Korgath
    • Fixed error on Margok
    • Fixed bugs with quake and whirlwind interaction code on Twin Ogron
    • Fixed bugs in MANY 5 man dungeons do to changes in encounters on live, differing from beta. (over 15+ mod updates).
    • DBM-Arrow will now work while map is open.
    • DBM-Core will now announce availability of updated Molten Core mod for anniversary event on first Molten Core run. This will only display ONE time.
    • Added frame names to several unnamed frames for people using the cputhieves profiling mod (not relevant to most users, just other addon authors/developers).
    • Improved accuracy of solo raid checks for rangeframe and icons so that groups where you are the ONLY person inside the instance are still considered solo.
    • Added warnings/timers for Quills on Rukhran encounter.
    For more information about 6.0 update in relation to expansion changes, refer to this thread:
    For more DBM news, visit:

    For more information on Molten Core Anniversary event, visit:

Oh, I guess it is.

    Apr 08 2014 03:33 AM

    Whoops -- we didn't have a proper front page for a while so i got lazy about updating. We closed out the expansion pretty solidly a couple of months back, and are now taking it easy farming mounts and playing lots of Reaper.




    We've had a remarkably stable roster all expansion long, and I mainly want to thank everyone for making the experience be (mostly) a pleasure the whole way through.


    With ~28-29 solid raiders, we're in good shape for Mythic raiding in Warlords, but exceptional players who are familiar with our guild and our guild culture, and think they might be a good fit, are welcome to contact me via PM if you'd be interested in raiding here.


    See you all in Draenor!

...is this thing on?

    Dec 09 2013 12:32 AM CfHqcFv.jpg
    Blizzcon and Thanksgiving (FYI, I love canceling raids due to both Canadian Thanksgiving and real Thanksgiving) and plague and crawler mines notwithstanding, this guy's finally dead. Definitely the toughest boss in a long time (probably tied with Lei Shen), but also pretty damn satisfying to kill. 12 down, 2 to go.

Siege of Orgrimmar

    Oct 07 2013 05:46 AM In the interests of a general update, after a slow start, missing out on Heroics the first week when server downtime nuked one of our raid nights, we're at least ready to move on to the more challenging section of Garrosh's lair.

    Posted Image

    Looking forward to some more meaningful killshots from here on out.