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  1. WildStarMMOPersistent Worlds With Elder Scrolls Online finally transitioning to a buy to play model and being praised for it, there’s no doubt that it’s going to reap rewards for doing so. Even I, who criticised the game heavily, reinstalled and thoroughly enjoyed returning back. Is the buy to play model going to work for the Elder Scrolls Online? I believe so and there’s a few reasons as to why the model is not only brilliant, but arguments against it are unfounded and illogical. Most importantly and as the topic of todays column: why isn’t WildStar buy to play? As an individual who loves the buy to play model, there’s going to be a certain bias here. It’s certainly not a perfect method of extracting money from your playerbase but if done right, I believe it’s considerably better than subscription model. If nothing else, a buy to play model ensures the following: Those who actually have an interest in the game are required to buy it, thus providing some initial revenue to the developer and publisher. Having to pay money up front for a boxed copy of the game ensures that those who play it haven’t, in passing, just downloaded it. There’s no pressure to continue to login every day after purchase knowing that if you don’t, you’ve wasted $15. Outside of this, I firmly believe that the fundamentals design decisions of any game, whether buy to play from the start or switching from subscription, don’t have to change. Whenever I’ve discussed buy to play over subscription, many subscription fans have stated the following to me: Buy to play results in a pay to win game It attracts people who don’t care Buy to play means the game systems will be changed to make players spend money Stores are intrusive and stop developers making content outside of the store There are many more and all of these excuses (because that’s what they fundamentally are) are largely untrue. While some developers certainly approach the buy to play model as a means of draining their players of cash at every opportunity, not all of them do. Probably the most famous buy to play game is Guild Wars 2 and while it doesn’t do everything right, there’s no question that you can achieve everything in the game without paying a penny. Does the game want you to spend money? Of course, but it doesn’t in any way force you to. I’d also argue that in many ways, ArenaNet have failed to truly tap into the buy to play market and potential revenue streams. Back to WildStar and having played the game since launched, its population has dwindled to the point where completing content is a challenge and doing anything outside of peak time results in enormous queues. No amount of new content is going to lure people back because regardless of how much they want to play or road test the game, they have to hand over $15 before they even get back in the room. If WildStar were buy to play, I guarantee that droves of people would return for every single patch just to see how the game is progressing. Would Carbine need to change much in order to earn the same or more revenue than before? No. I think one of the biggest things that developers and publishers fail to grasp is how willing players are to spend money on attractive items. Vanity in almost every game is big business and WildStar only needs to exploit this area. Hoverboards, mounts, housing items and armor/weapons on the store would guarantee more income than any subscription could provide. I only look at my purchases in Bloodline Champions or Guild Wars 2 to know that if I’m presented with a skin or item that looks great, I’ll buy it. It doesn’t matter if its $5, $10 or $50. All Carbine would need to do is implement such skins and keep everything else exactly the same. How difficult can that be for a team that’s clearly talented in the art department. If Carbine ensured that they continued to also release items of all kinds available in PvE, it’s a win-win scenario. Most importantly, the barrier for entry would be removed. What I can’t fathom at this point is why the delay? Having watched the last few Zero to 50 Twitch streams and the social media reactions to what Carbine says, public affection and interest couldn’t be worse. When your game has only 50 viewers, or a couple of likes on a Facebook news post, the game is in need of emergency resuscitation. I’m convinced a buy to play model is the answer, until someone actually makes a logical case to stay subscription. I don't see that happening any time soon. Come on, Carbine. What's taking so long? View the full article
  2. WildStarMMO WildStar’s launch and its swift demise in the eyes of the paying public still pains me a great deal. I blame NCSoft for much of it, considering it was pushed out the door far too early. However, there were some inherently flawed design decisions. Despite that, WildStar is beautiful, offers some amazing PvP (gear issues aside), has wonderful classes and combat and possibly the best dungeons and raids in the genre. It has, in recent months, gone from strength to strength and the addition of Contracts is only going to help even further. Contracts are designed to be bite-sized, repeatable elder-game content that can be completed in a relatively short time. With a selection of 5 per day, players able to choose 3 across both PvE and PvP (for a total of 6). Whether it’s killing Skeech anywhere on Nexus or obtaining a certain number of multi-kills, Contracts act similarly to Guild Wars 2’s dailies. Better yet, Contracts come in a variety of difficulties and reward tiers. “Contracts come in three levels of difficulty. Level 1 contracts are relatively simple, and every day you can complete as many of them as you like. Level 2 and Level 3 contracts are more challenging and may only be completed once each day. Completing contracts provides progress on the contracts reward track, and higher level contracts reward significantly greater progress.” What I love the most about Contracts is the fact that your daily progress with Contracts is tracked and the more you complete, the more you’re rewarded. Again, if anyone is familiar with Guild Wars 2’s daily login rewards you’ll be familiar with the system. Despite all this awesomeness, it still pains me that Carbine haven’t made the switch to Buy to Play. Why? I’ve never seen a good reason for not doing it and all they would need to do is a cosmetic store with unique skins and hoverboards. People would be throwing money at the screen. Get bloody on with it, Carbine! View the full article
  3. WildStarMMORespawn Hi there, I'm CEO Gamer and I'm here to give you an analysis of another game company's figures. There is this earning report I found on reddit and you won't believe what insight it's told me. First, the game company is not going to be releasing anymore games. That's obvious, if I was CEO of that company I would totally in every capacity hereby declare that all of the games the company is making I would throw out the window because they're not profitable. Then, they're going to shut down all of the games. Every one of them. All of them. Everything. Just shut down. Now, since I'm the CEO now, this is what's going to happen, all of my fanfiction is going to come true and they're finally going to bringDragonballZ to World of Warcraft. Then, this is what's going to happen alright listen up: free games, 100% free, no cost, and we'll fund all of this from bake sales. Earning calls/reports are hilarious troll fodder these days as players attempt to become the CEO and talk about how the sky is falling because this game isn't as profitable as this game, with the harsh reality being that players have NONE of the statistics the company has, NONE of the cost analysis for the production of the games, and NONE of the sales figures from overseas (usually). The SEC and NASDAQ require these earning reports to be sent out to investors, but don't require much more than what's the gross receipts, what's the gross expenses, and what's the net profit. The rest of it is various carefully massaged figures to make sure people continue to invest in the company and get excited for whatever the company is doing. The latest in the craze is theNCSoftearnings report, which has legions of players guessing what the future of Wildstar and other games are because they earn this compared to that. I looked at the figures and I can tell you that I'm not a CEO and that whileWildstaris a small chunk of the games, who knows what that means? Are they going to throw in the towel? Will it go free-to-play? Will they kickstart its success? I doubt very seriously that they're going to roll over and just let the game die, but they might! I'm not the CEO, I'm a writer who loves playing simulation games and MMOs, and my experience is that companies do what they do whenever they want. You don't know when, where, or how they plan to release the game, the business deals involving it, and what markets they're waiting on the red tape to be cut through in order to release the game elsewhere. That stuff is kept under lock and key and what is shared with us is designed to manipulate our opinions and try to make the community understand. As far as theNCSoftearnings report goes, WildStar isn't doing that great, but that should be enough encouragement for NCSoft to make it do good and if they don’t then oh well I guess it won't do good. I don't specifically care, any conjecture made on my part is that of some nerd sitting in his armchair trying toroleplaythat I can see theforecastmodels for the games and read minds - I can't. That's today's respawn folks. I'll see you probably Monday, or sooner, who knows! View the full article
  4. WildStar Today Carbine release the long awaited fourth update to WildStar. Titled The Protogames Initiative, it brings with it a whole host of improvements to the game in an effort to address player feedback.“The Protogames Initiative” introduces a range of content for players to enjoy, including a new Shiphand mission and two exciting dungeons.The update also includes veteran versions of all existing Shiphands, enhanced customization options, and quality-of-life improvements to everything from quest flow to itemization. I'm really glad to see all these things, especially the Shiphand Experiences and the Protogames.What's frustrating is that despite it all looking amazing, there's not enough players playing to fully appreciate it. Looking at the video, I really miss WildStar's brightness and smooth playstyle and I hope this brings players back. You can read more on the additions below, including the promotional video. The full patch notes can also be found hereand the blog post, here. New Shiphand Experiences “They Came From Fragment Zero!” is the newest Shiphand, designed for level six players (don’t worry level 50s, there’s a Veteran mode included). Players can blast off to an asteroid near the moon of Halon to uncover a spooky Eldan facility and investigate the unnerving experiments going on there. Additionally, WildStar’s existing Shiphands now also feature Veteran modes for level-50 fans looking for challenging encounters and matching completion rewards. Protogames Academy To help the newest players out, WildStar brings the best tutorial on this side of Nexus in the form of Protogames Academy. This level-10 dungeon will teach less-experienced dungeon-goers the tricks of the trade by introducing them to WildStar’s more complex group content mechanics, while also providing a fun experience and access to more support-role gear much earlier in the leveling process. The Ultimate Protogames A challenging new level-50 veteran dungeon, The Ultimate Protogames gives player-contestants the opportunity to battle through Protostar’s most diabolical and deviously devised diversions. In this maniacal game show, players will fight through randomly-ordered rooms making every run of the dungeon unique. The prize for emerging victorious? Eternal glory (and sweet loot). New Customization Options A new customization system called the “Character Chop Shop” enables players to make all kinds of changes to their characters’ hair, face, and body, and a new housing option give players the tools to change the terrain style of their property. From the dusty dunes of Malgrave to the ice floes of Whitevale, players have more control over the look of their plot than ever before. And the new Underground Bunker House will let you get the most out of your available space by putting your living quarters deep beneath the surface. View the full article
  5. WildStar A new dev blog has been posted to WildStar's website by Senior Game Designer, Kristen “Caydiem” DeMeza, who is also the expert when it comes to Shiphand missions. View the full article
  6. NEWS: WildStar's 2015 Roadmap

    WildStar Today Mike Donatelli has released what they're calling their big plans for 2015, which is a little bit of a roadmap and a little bit of a producer's letter (although Donatelli's actual title is Product Director). View the full article
  7. WildStar The notes for today's patch went up yesterday, but now the community has had a chance to experience them and give feedback. Let's dive into the notes and see what they have to say. View the full article
  8. WildStarInterview Today Carbine release their latest installment of the WildStar story page. We managed to snag a few minutes of Chad Moore's time to talk all about WildStar's lore. View the full article
  9. WildStarEditorial On the day that Warlords of Draenor launched, Carbine slashed the price of WildStar by 33%. Is the game worth buying now it's a heck of a lot cheaper or is Warlords of Draenor worth your money? View the full article
  10. WildStar WildStar's latest UltraDrop, Mystery of Genesis Prime, hit the Megaservers today. Carbine is calling drop three their heftiest content update yet, full of plenty of changes to raid attunement, runecrafting, a new level 50 area, a new public quest and much more. View the full article
  11. WildStarPreview In this preview I participated in a press preview of WildStar's latest area: Black Focus. As part of the Defile update, is this new outdoor dungeon WildStar's savior? View the full article
  12. WildStar WildStar gets news and a pretty new trailer for its upcoming UltraDrop. Lord of the Rings Online's Update 15 adds in a new class. Dawngate gives us sad news. Eldeven announces a Steam release. Webzen's Sevencore is now available. View the full article
  13. WildStar In this weeks WildStar Newsround we scour the community for the latest news and gossip on Nexus. View the full article
  14. WildStarEditorial Gamers often point out the obvious flaws in the games they play. Why is it that Developers often aren't capable of doing the same? Is it because they are too focused on statistics and figures, rather than knuckling down and playing their own game in a live environment? View the full article
  15. WildStarEditorial The recent announcement that NCSoft are to layoff 60 Carbine employees will hit the company hard. Can the game, which is already struggling, recover from another setback like this? View the full article